Continued Environmental Degradation on Earth. Automation and AI growing pains, reeks havoc on economy. Race to Mars accelerates.


Touchdown – First humans walk on Mars; population 8.



First humans to return to Earth from Mars alive.
4 active manned-missions representing different interest groups explore the vast terrain.

First human to kick a ‘football’ on another planet.
All’s well that ends well – Preliminary water deposits are mapped and first well constructed.


Break Time for crews in valles Marineris

Break Time for crews in valles Marineris

Breaking Ground – First permanent settlements established (Marineris and Columbia Hill).  First human born on Mars.




Earth Pioneers – multiple programs for colonization across nations, agencies and organizations.
Scientists and Corporations begin developing interplanetary transport solutions that can scale.


Mars population exceeds 1000.
Health programs established to improve transition to life on Mars.  Centrifugal 1 G ‘sleep facilities’ are designed into settlement plans to counter muscle and bone degradation. 
Stricter mental and physical screening processes introduced for all Martian applicants.



Tragedy at Tiangong – Chinese colony suffers major facility failure.  Hundreds perish.  Colonies unite in support.


Interplanetary Trade Route – Breakthroughs in technology open doors for cost effective launch and transport systems between Earth and Mars.




Mars Wants You – Abundant natural resources.  Martian population surges as thousands emigrate each year.  
There are 10 permanent settlements in total representing a broad cross section of culture and diversity. 
Spaceports are constructed along equator. 



Population exceeds 20,000 with more than 1,000 1st generation Martian-born.
Earth population exceed 12 billion.  The wealthy willing to pay $100M to visit Mars.



Major improvements in agricultural sciences dramatically improves quality of life on Mars.
Physical Sports on Earth at an all-time low due to virtual games and environmental issues.
Grassroots sports clubs across Mars. First permits for recreational access to outdoors issued in Europa.

High yield Aero gardens

High yield Aero gardens



Sovereign colonies – Greater autonomy from Earth as Martian economy strengthens.  Common laws and human rights adopted across all settlements.  A universal immigration policy is ratified, dramatically restricting immigration. 



2nd gen Martian born to the 1st gen Martian!
Robot diggers complete first segments of underground tunnels that greatly improve travel times between the major colonies. 


Martian population exceeds 80,000, with 17% local born.
Earth population hits 14.5 billion



Mars Got Game – Emerging professional sports; many variations of traditional Earth and unique Martian sports.  
MAFL (Martian Aero Football League) announced at press conference in Europa – First professional, mixed-gender, outdoor sport league. Planning, recruiting and tryouts underway.



Martian population exceeds 105,000, with 22% local born.
MAFL Inaugural Season –  First match played in Huacheng on Vrishika 6, 248.   Haucheng Dongji defeats Amrita Immortals 3, 2.  The planet goes wild!

Pathfinder 10 day Ultra-Marathon captures new audiences.
MAFL first accidental fatality – Yamen Warren dies from head trauma.
MAFL Season 1 Championship – Marineris Comets defeat San Olympus Titans.
Ice Sports for Mars Organization announces mandate for fostering Earth-style winter sports.