Our world-building Project 

Meta Olympia is a property and brand experiment by Might Dynamo Inc.



The Meta Olympia proof-of-concept is this website.  It was launch in August 2017 Introducing the world-building through ongoing news reporting by writers and artist on actual non-deterministic results generated by sport simulators.  

We are entering PHASE 2 of the project this summer (2018), developing a board game based on the same theme of Sports Discovery on a rapidly evolving, young Martian society.  As part of this track, we'll be inviting the public to participate in the design and testing of the game, with the intention of funding the actual production of the physical game.

More news will be announced soon, but if you would like to participate in some shape or form, give us a ping!


If you are interested in supporting our cause, we have the following options for voluntary contributions.