Olympus Run


Olympus Run is an outdoor endurance race organized by San Olympus colony and PSAC (Pathfinder Sport Athletics Committee).

The Olympus Run is one of 16 events PSAC has organized as qualifying races.  Athletes that look to participate in the annual Pathfinder Marathon are required to have completed a minimum of 4 races.

The course is 180 km from the gates of San Olympus up the slope of Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system. 


Contenders are vetted before competition, including a week-long training camp that includes orientation runs.

Like other outdoor events, PSAC deploy support staff and counter measures to ensure safety, including radiation deflection systems over the course of the competition.

Sponsors of Olympus Run include  San Olympus Titans (MAFL), Roger Barney Rogers  and Athena Made Robotics.  Additional funding is also made through PSAC partners Drinquium, Reprogus and AAA Capital Bank

Expeditionary Groups

Also referred to Expeditionary Outfits, Expeditionary Organizations, Exploratory Companies or Nomadic Settlements.  These are small communities that do not have a permanent location or base of operations.  

Setting up camp - VEX deploy mobile habitations during extended projects as they explore and prospect remote regions of Mars.

Setting up camp - VEX deploy mobile habitations during extended projects as they explore and prospect remote regions of Mars.

Most of these groups use a three letter designation.

KMH (KMX in English)

A resource expeditionary outfit operated by dominantly private Russian organizations.  The population is approximately 130 individuals and includes numerous families.  The contingent rotates using Novyimir as a primary base of operations, thus only 20% of the crew live a full-time nomadic life.

KMH travels in a caravan with dozens of vehicles, mobile habitations and heavy construction equipment.

Their primary mission is resource-based, however, KMH is actively involved in joint projects with the Novyimir and Korolev, with significant overlapping ventures.

KMH is a branch of the first Russian missions to Mars in 2039 and instrumental in the founding of both Novyimir (2047) and more recently Korolev (2072).


Rover Scientific is a research group largely made up of research scientists from various Earth-based organizations.  The general population fluctuates around 70 as members (and their families) have between a 2-6 year rotation before returning back to earth.

RSX does make periodic stops at colonies and other Martian outposts as mobile habitats and research vehicles requires constant re-supply.  Additionally, the lifestyle is difficult on members, without regularly scheduled rest and rehabilitation.


One of the multiple support vehicle used by Rover Scientific as they conduct research missions across Mars.

One of the multiple support vehicle used by Rover Scientific as they conduct research missions across Mars.


Vallis Expeditionary Company is one of the larger nomadic settlements with a population of 270 colonists.  Vallis is a private corporation, but closely tied with Marineris where they have a headquarters that employs 20 staff members.

Vallis is a natural resource outfit and deploys robotic mining operations for multiple businesses and colonies.  Vallis has more than 40% of the robotic workforce on Mars, including 'colony building' excavators and equipment.

VEX has been in operation since 2051.



Huá diàn 华殿 is company founded in 2057 out of Tiangong.  With a population of 320 people, it is the largest nomadic group, though the crew often deploys missions that temporarily separates the company.

HDX is involved in both scientific and resource development projects and exclusively works for interests in Huacheng, Tiangong and Amrita.  HDX built and owns a significant share of Huygens Spaceway, located at coordinates 56, 13.



Venture Monarch Company is the outcome of the failed UK colonization project.  After the abandonment of the British-lead colony, the colonists were given a new mission to secure British interests on Mars.  Though many of the original group ended up in Europa or Wendland, VMX continues to represent the U.K. with a crew of 300.

VMX does research on behalf of the British government as well as engages in multiple joint venture projects with colonies to secure trade of resources to Earth.


Aiger Masing

Aiger Masing is best known for his role as chief executive officer of the Martian Aero Football League (MAFL).

Portrait of Aiger Masing, mYear 248

Portrait of Aiger Masing, mYear 248

Date of Birth: 2038

Place of Birth: Germany, Earth

Arrival/Residency: 2057, maintains a full Europa Colony citizenship

Occupation: CEO & Commissioner MAFL

Prior Occupation(s):  Administrator Europa Council, Chief of EEMAI.

Height: 6' 4"  (1.93m)

Aiger migrated to Mars when he as 19 and has 'naturalized' citizenship in Europa.  His first role at the colony was as an analyst for Primproxia DGB, a now defunct robotics agency.  He has worked both in the private and public sector.  Most notably, he served on the Europa council for 4 years before becoming the administrative executive of the European/Europa Martian Archival  Initiative (EEMAI), curating cultural and genetic catalogs for backup on Mars.

He joined the MAFL in 2075 as top man to coordinate franchise owners, investors and build the organization and facilities to launch the professional league in 2077.

Defining Moments

  • The outbreak and subsequent quarantine of Novyimir displaced the Dynamo team.  Aiger and Novyimir club owners (Aleskeevich and KMH) rose to the occasion to build an alternate field.  Not only did this prevent disruption of the season, but a significant morale boost to the beleaguered colony.
  • Aiger was in placed in a difficult position of managing the MAFL through the first death in the league

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