Welcome to Meta Olympia, a unique media property that provides a glimpse into the future through the sports and athletes of tomorrow.  

Co-created by Chris Cheung and Bing Lin; decades of experience in high-tech, creative communities, and innovation culminated into a timely project that intersected genres, interests and talent that takes form in traditional ‘daily news’ format.

In a world where reality can be ridiculous, with endless worries and on the cusp of great and terrible things all the time, Meta Olympia seeks to design a framework where journalists, artists and creators can report on a future where ‘we’ve made it’… and the game plays on.

This is a platform that predicts and play-outs a vision of tomorrow.  Unlike most stories that are plot-driven, Meta Olympia is defined  by rules that drive simulators that generate non-deterministic outcomes.  Where a movie or story can be created and enjoyed in discrete single serving formats, our world is deliberately everyday… our editorial clock runs parallel and in sync with the 60-year forward clock.  We believe this will transform how people look at science and culture today.

Love art
Love science
Love sport

Chris Cheung - August 2017

Press & Feedback

2017/09/09 – The Game of Nerds

The Future of Spectator Gaming?

" It is in the truest sense a spectator driven property."

"Who knows, one day this could be the way we consume all digital media, through real time world building sims bringing us that much closer to the future of humanity and civilization."


2017/09/26 – Geek Hard

I'm still blown away by the levels of intricacy that is involved with this... it's a shit-ton of work.

"We've heard and read and seen all the stories about Mars... so why not take a look at the future colonization of Mars, through the framing of following your favourite sports team?"

"I find this very interesting, fascinating that the sport itself is dictating where the story is going and not the other way around."


2017/10/4 - ArtStation

The Games of Tomorrow

"We’ve recently had the opportunity to learn more about an exciting new project that that blends sci-fi, science fact, fantasy sports, art and technology..." 


2017/10/24 - @s_baweja

Mind. Blown. Away.

Tweet from D3DLive Boston main stage presentation.


Art Department

Jacque Pena, concept art
Pommes, concept & characters
Kurt Kaufman, concept art
Shaun Mullen, illustration
Tom Lopez, concept art
RAID Studio, illustration
Crush Visual Inc., illustration
Andreia Silva, illustration
Mark Torres, illustration
Rockey Chen, illustration
Laura Onderwater, illustration
Phillip Rauschkolb, illustration
We are ChiCha, brands & graphics


Chris Cheung, Editor-in-chief
Bing Lin, Editor
Shannon Szeto, researcher & writer
Sriram Dayanand, contributing writer
Eks, contributing writer
Anthony Falcone, contributing writer
Michelle Yong, Editor



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