Why is the pitch green?  Is it grass?

The pitch is a porous artificial turf material that is laid on top of a 20 cm layer of dense clay (the same clay that is applied to the Wall surfaces).  Though the turf material is programmable in colour, green was an intention choice by MAFL to keep with the original traditions of the sport.  

Where did playing in a trench come from?

This evolved from crews working in construction and excavation sites.  Playing in pits provided a natural barrier to keep the ball in play while also providing basic shelter from wind and sand.   The use of the top level was a specific MAFL invention and is directly tied to the use of limited propulsion systems as a game enhancement.  Top-side rules and augmented propulsion does not exist in other non-professional leagues (indoor or outdoor).

Where does the propulsion come from in the EV Suits?

The system is powered by CO2 that is vectored from ports build into the Back, Torso and Shoulders of the suit.  The nozzles are able to provide controlled bursts for upward, forward, downward and backward motion.  A full burst is needed to jump the 4 m height to reach Top Side.  Partial bursts can help a player maneuver when airborne or also provide downward thrust to keep a player on the ground or reduce stride length.

Player's Lycra layer, which has the team colours, is designed with port holes that align to thruster nozzles.


Why are the stadiums open air?

The requirements for the field size made it prohibitive for use of any interior spaces within a population centre.  Outdoor facilities were cost effective to construct and did not impact colony resources.  

5 of the fields (San Olympus, Al'amal,  Europa, Huacheng and Novyimir have inflatable soft domes that can be deployed over the field of play in anticipation of sand storms or other inclement weather.  There are, however, no capacity for this so support breathable atmosphere.

There are aspirations and investigations into stadium improvements for life support.

How high can a typical player jump without a boost?

A vertical running leap, with EV equipment on, can be 2 to 3.5m.

What is running like on Mars?

With 1/3 the gravity of Earth, stride length is longer.  Forward lean provides greater traction and more contact with the ground, but can decrease maneuverability and stop-ability.

Learn more about Martian conditions on Nasa's Mars Exploration site.

How much life support and protection do EV suits provide?

EV Sutis in the MAFL are required to support at least 55 minutes of continuous usage.  No club exceeds this for oxygen or power to maintain the maximum streamlined gear.

Athletic-oriented EV Suits provide considerable radiation protection that allow safe exposure for the length of a match, but considerably less than industrial gear where operators contend with much longer periods of exposure.

MAFL suits also provide some padding and protection from physical impact.  Players are allowed by the rules of the game to have some additional padding for shins and legs.  Goalkeepers helmets are required to have a protective cage.

What happens if a suit is damaged during play?

EV Suits are resilient, but equipment failure are common due to the physical nature of play.

The suit is layered to limit rupture with the exception of the helmet.  Players are equipped with repair strips, usually tapped to the forearm that can be applied over tears or cracks.  In the case of a full helmet breech, players require immediate aid.  There are protocols in place where referee drones are able to reach a player and deploy temporary measure to protect a player and extend survivability by minutes.  Medical aid and extraction from the field of play can be performed within 3-5 minutes.