The Martian Aero Football League is a professional, mixed gender, football league that represents the pinnacle of athletic competition.

Founded in 2075 (248), it is the first recognized professional sports organization on Mars.

The MAFL is the organizing body of the league and is responsible for the competition, broadcast, commercial rights and the laws and regulations of the game.

Each club member is an independent organization governed by a contract between the league.  The contract defines the guidelines, structure of club members with the respect to their operation within the MAFL.  The laws define the rules and regulations for competition.

Membership: 8 clubs (Season 1, mYear 249)
CEO: Aigar Masing
Founded: 2075 (mYear 248)
First Season: 2077 (mYear 249)
Headquarters: Europa

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Current MAFL Clubs

Al'Amal Sports Club

Marineris Comets

Amrita immortals

Novyimir Dynamo

Europa United

San Olympus Titans

HuaCheng DongJi

TianGong Wuji Sports Club