Interview: The Nash Attack

Veneris, Makara 13, 2077, m249


Readale Nash is not just the youngest member on the Titan roster, he is also the youngest player in the league overall.  There is a very small club of under 20 players in the MAFL, but among these young guns, Readale has been making his own particular mark. Having contributed to more than 1/3 of all total Titan goals, this young striker stirs fear in the opposition.

On your team, the next youngest players are 20.  How does it feel to be the youngest of the Titan pack?

The guys used to ride me about my age, but I've never felt uncomfortable or insecure about it.  I can't deny my age.  Reality is, all of us are new to this 'pro athlete' thing, so I can tell you that a lot of players feel a little wet behind the ears.

What's it like being a professional Aero Footballer?

It's really something.  You grow up in school never knowing that sports can ever be more than just play or for physical activity prerequisites.  I never would have hoped for this because there just wasn't any sport-culture like on Earth.  Even when Aiger announced the MAFL, I wouldn't have imagined that I could ever be involved.

What were your plans before the MAFL?

I was thinking of applied sciences, like most of my boys at SO Collegiate.  I had applied to the engineering program at U of SO, so probably would have ended up in urbanization or infrastructure design.  Damn, that seems like a completely different reality now.  I really can't imagine what life would be life without Aero Football.

What was your favourite sport in school?

It would be Hoops. I can get good air and I loved the precision of nailing 'bullseye baskets'. Definitely Hoops.  That's how the Titan scouts actually found me. In school, football wasn't so good in the small gymnasiums, so it was never a thing. But now, the propulsion kits in the EV Suits and playing outside, it is just such an amazing game.  I dream about Aero Football now.  I wish we played more than once a week!

You're known for being a bit of prankster among your teammates.  Can you tell us a bit about what you get up to?

It was Eduard [Rotaru], right?  For sure it was him to talk about it.  Let's just say that those road trips can get pretty long.   I like to make things a little more interesting and perhaps not everyone can appreciate a good gag.  

Out on the town - Nash enjoys exploring the party scenes across the colonies.

Out on the town - Nash enjoys exploring the party scenes across the colonies.

How's the dating scene with your travels across the colonies?  Anyone special in your life?  

[Laughter] I'm working my way up to being a ladies man.   The sport doesn't help too much as Coach has a strict no-messing-around policy, so I have to take advantage of the R&R time.  I think my favourite colony is Marineris because it has such a good scene and so many fine girls.  It doesn't always help after thrashing the Comets though, but I don't do so bad, if I say so myself.

Do you feel a rivalry with Uday Lanka, the league's top scorer?

Absolutely so.  If he wasn't on top, it would be me!

Who are your biggest influences?

I'm a big believer in being your own cheerleader, so I don't have a lot of heroes.  If I have to pick, my captain [Raenia Ware] is a pretty damn good mentor.  Even though she's not too much older than me, she is a lot like the mother to the squad.  She's tough as rocks and I respect that.  I mean, she can do with a few more goals, but aside from that, she's solid.

What are you looking forward to for the remainder of the regular season?

For it to be over!  We have cleaned up the regular season, so it is all going to come down to the championship.  They say it is a whole new game in the playoffs.  I say, bring it on!