Comets @ Wuji


Would the Wuji upset the Comets and make it two wins in a row?

Would the Comets lose their 2nd game in a row and lose significant momentum down the playoff stretch?

That’s what many were thinking during the majority of the match as the Wuji struck first at the 8th minute with a low kick by Hu Liao that soared under the defenders and past Comets goalkeeper Zaida Agre.

And upon taking that lead, the Wuji quickly switched to a defensive 5-2-2-1 formation with five defenders, two defensive midfielders, two offensive midfielders and one clean striker.

This helped Wuji hold onto that 1 – 0 lead for the next 15 minutes.

30 minutes.

45 minutes.

60 minutes.

And as the clock continued to tick away, Comets Manager, Gordan J. Pryce increased his pacing, animation, and agitation towards his players.

Until finally they responded at the 87th minute. 

Comets midfielder Aba Samma stole the ball from Wuji’s Liao Hu and curled a shot into the bottom corner past Wuji goalkeeper Trenton Seaton.

And just like that, Liao Hu goes from Hero to Zero, and the Comets go from Zero to One to tie the game.

And the Comets would not leave their fate to chance in overtime penalty kicks.

Comets #67 Jon Elliot makes the deciding goal in the final minutes of the match.

Comets #67 Jon Elliot makes the deciding goal in the final minutes of the match.

Just two minutes later at the 89th minute, a clearing pass from Seaton was retrieved by United Forward Jonathan Elliot. Elliot passed over to Captain Liddell Bradley who dribbled around a defender before cutting the ball back through the area to Elliot who drove the ball past Seaton for the winning goal!

Comets win 2 – 1 over Wuji.

“They played a tough defensive game and gave us a real scare”, said Bradley after the match. “I think we need to get Coach checked by the medics as we almost gave him a bloody heart attack.”

With the win, the Comets move to 11 and 7 for the season, holding 2nd place in league standings. The Wuji move to 6 and 12 for the season, holding 2nd last place in league standings.

For the Comets, their path to the playoffs goes through Dong Ji, the Immortals, and a season finale with the league leading Titans @ San Olympus.