Titans lose, again!

Europa - Saturni, Makara 21, 2077, m249


Have the Titans peaked too soon?

That was the post-match question which set Titans manager Paulo Salgado off into a fiery frenzy before he stormed out of the dressing room to a stunned and speechless quorum of reporters.

No more answers. Only questions.

What adjustments did the Titans make after their stunning upset to Dong Ji last week?

How could the Titans lose again despite the return of Captain Raenia Ware who’s been out six weeks nursing an ankle injury?

How will the Titans respond to losing their second match in a row – this week to Europa United?

In a closely contested match that went to 8 rounds of overtime penalty kicks, United prevailed with a 3 – 2 PKOT win.


The scoring started with United midfielder, Edouard Rousselle providing a fantastic strike that sailed over the Titans goalkeeper Icilio De Sisto and into the top corner at the 38th minute.

At the 76th minute, Titans midfielder Ana Sofia Molina tied it up with a near-post finish on a volley following a cross from Ware.

And despite a number of chances from both sides, regulation time ended with the score tied at 1 and 1.  Straight to Penalty Kicks.

United’s Darkeem Dennis and Titans’ Readale Nash were the only to connect in the 5 rounds kick-off, sending it to sudden death shootouts.

Round 6 commenced with United’s Yvonne Barnato scoring. But before the celebration could begin, the Titans’ played Ware, who wasn't in the initial PK lineup.  Ware  retaliated with a clean shot, keeping the Titan's alive.

It wasn't to last long, however.   Round 8, United’s Robinson beat De Sisto for a goal and Sulzberger locked out Titan's Langanah  – ending the match after 16 penalty shots.

For United, they kept their playoff hopes alive, moving to 8 and 11 for the season. They finish off the season facing Wuji @ home and then Dong Ji @ Huacheng Stadium.

For the Titans, this was their 2nd loss in a row and their 3rd loss in four weeks. They face Al’amal and the Comets @ home to end their regular season.