Season Resumes

Europa - Aquarius 10, 2077, m249


The MAFL has announced dates for final 4 regular season matches.

All games are scheduled for Solis, Aquarius 15.  This marks the first time all clubs play in a single day.

When asked why, Aiger Masing responded that it was intentional,  “We actually considered further postponement, but after reaching out to Jayden and Mirna [Warren], they insisted it would not be what Yamen would have wanted.  We will be running a single day program for all four matches that will start with a tribute in his memory.”

Clubs were notified earlier in the day and travel coordination has already begun.  The Comets plan to arrive on Jovis and start practising on away-field as early as Veneris morning.

“The best way to remember Yamen is to play,” said Comets captain, Bradley, “He helped get us to the playoffs, so we aren't going to disappoint him.  It isn't a critical match, but it lets us test the Titans.”

In the Immortal's camp, Jag Parkar, confirmed he will play in the upcoming match after Yamen Warren's father reached out to him earlier in the week.

“He asked me to play,” Parkar said, “it was an emotional conversation, one that I dreaded, but it turned out completely differently than I expected.  They [Jayden and Mirna] are coming to the game to support me.   I have no words.”

The programming, based on the time zones, begins at 12:45 on this Solis in the East at Huacheng.  That will be followed by the matches in Amrita and Novyimir with the final match in the West at San Olympus Park starting at 11:00 local time.   

After week 21, there will be a two week gap before the semi-final matches on Aquarius 28th and Kumbha 1st.   That will be followed by the championship match the following week on Kumbha the 7th.