Then There Were Four

Aquarius 16, 2077, m249


It took the final day of the season to determine the final four teams to advance to the playoffs:

  • 1st seed: Titans - 16 and 5 final season record.
  • 2nd seed: Comets - 13 and 8 final season record.
  • 3rd seed: Al’amal – 11 and 10 final season record.
  • 4th seed: Immortals – 11 and 10 final season record.

Al’amal goes over the Immortals due to their 2-1 record over them in regular season play.

And despite having a similar record to Al’amal and the Immortals, the Dynamo will not advance to the playoffs due to a technicality: they did not score as many goals this season as Al’amal and the Immortals.

“We can hold our heads high as we went out winners”, said Dynamo captain Ilya Petrovich. “Before the outbreak, we were going nowhere. Once it started, we were able to rally and win 7 of our last 8 matches beating some of the best teams in the league. We have a strong foundation”.

Also just missing the playoffs – Europa United who ended the season on a 3 game winning streak to finish 10 and 11 for the season.

“If we had made our moves a bit earlier, i.e. getting Darkeem Dennis and moving Yvonne Barnato, maybe we could have made it,” said United manager Matthäus Reinmann.

But alas, in a highly competitive season, Dynamo and United will have to look forward to next season. For the playoff teams, they look forward to the next two weeks to prepare and heal.

Titans are 3-0 against the Comets in the regular season.

Titans are 3-0 against the Comets in the regular season.

Aquarius 28th

The well balanced Comets will host the high powered offence of Al’amal. This will be the Comet’s first home match since the tragic passing of Yamen Warren.  How will the team respond? For Al’amal, will they be able to get all their injured players back for a full on attack?

Kumbha 1st

The Titans will host their bitter rivals, the Immortals. In their week 3 matchup, the Immortals Uday Lanka embarrassed the Titans scoring four goals to secure an Immortals win. In the next two matches, the Titans won and nullified Lanka’s presence in both matches.

 “We learned from our mistakes in week 3 and made adjustments and proved we can shut Lanka down when we need to”, said Titans captain Raenia Ware. “Two weeks also gives time for Nash to recover, so we’ll be ready.”

Will they? Which Titans team will show up? The one that went 14 – 1 to start the season?  Or the team that crawled their way down the stretch losing 4 of their last six matches?  Will their leading scorer, Nash be ready to play despite suffering what appeared to be a serious leg injury?

And which Immortals team will we see in two weeks? A confident, high powered offensive team with Lanka leading the charge? Or one prone to errors which resulted in a late season slide from a potential 2nd seed to the 4th seed?

Are you ready for some playoff action?