Upbeat Performances in Huacheng

Huacheng - Aquarius 15, 2077, m249


With both team already eliminated from playoff contention, this mostly meaningless match delivered clean and exciting performances from both sides.

"We were very disappointed to be cut out of a chance at the championship,', Reinmann told reporters, "But we're over that now.  Especially in light of what the league has faced, we just wanted to come in and give the fans a good match."

The somber tone set by the opening tribute to fallen Comet, Yamen Warren was followed by energetic plays.  After flirting with Dong Ji goalkeeper, Xue Su, #22 Anasova Ivanovna got a shot in from the edge of the box to get the only goal of the 1st half.


3 minutes into the 2nd, DJ Captian Lian intercepted a pass and boosted himself in for a break away shot.  It bounced off Sulzberger, but Lian was right there to finish the job with a beautiful airborne strike.

An exchange of back-to-back goals from free kicks, respectively DJ 68 Sertac and United's 29 Claudia Moruga kep the game tied as the teams sparred into the final minutes.  It would take Overtime Penalty Kicks decide the match.

This has been the achilles heel of Dong Ji all season, but even though they put in a good fight with 55 Zhao and 84 Chan, United was able to out shoot them 3-2.

22 Anosova Ivanovna scores her 2nd goal 9 minutes into the 1st half.

22 Anosova Ivanovna scores her 2nd goal 9 minutes into the 1st half.

When asked how she felt playing this match after what had transpired just two weeks ago, Ivanonva responded, "We all love this game.  When bad things happen, it makes all of us that much more grateful to have a chance to play.  We will keep playing and the MAFL will keep getting bigger and stronger."

As Dong Ji and United pack it up for the season, two matches remain on the day, Comets vs Titans and the much anticipated battle between Amrita and Al'amal, which will decide the final playoff seed.