Murilla Sprints to Finish in Calydon Fossa

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Runners sprint towards the finish line of Stage 2.

Runners sprint towards the finish line of Stage 2.

Murilla takes back the lead and finishes first in a breakneck dash for the finish line! 

She attacked aggressively in the last 5km of the race and was able to hold on to her three-second lead all the way to the end. The 24 year old Mars native was born and raised in Europa, and the settlement could not be prouder.

She said, “The last 3 kilometers was crazy for me! I knew I had a half a kilometer burst of full-out sprinting left in me and I just used that to get the lead. I just attacked with everything. After that focused all my energy into keeping it. That’s the only thing I had on my mind.”

Strong winds battered challengers as they approached the mouth of the valley, reducing visibility at times as clouds of dust were kicked up. San Olympus challenger Lauren Maikini lost her position as in second place and dropped to sixth.

Otar Anderson of Amrita crept up from fourth place and came in second, a few seconds after Murilla. Third place went to Jaslene Gardner, the 46 year old challenger from Mareotis.

Stage 2 of the Women’s Pathfinder Marathon wrapped up today at 18:42—runners have been out on the field for over 11 hours and will be taking a well-deserved break before the Marathon continues.

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