Tragic Death of Yamen Warren

Marineris - Lunae, Aquarius 2, 2077, m249


Comets midfielder, Yamen Warren, died late last night.

The Earth-born player, who grew up in New Baltimore Rapids prior to immigrating to Mars with his family at the age of 8, was pronounced dead at 24:16 at the hospital facility at Marineris.

News of Yamen’s death was only released late this afternoon.  His father, Jayden Warren, made a short statement to media.

“Last night, Yamen succumbed to the injuries he received in yesterday’s match.”, he said as he broke down.  After a moment to recompose himself, he continued, “He spoke to us before he fell asleep.  He told Mirna and I how much he loved it [the sport]. That he didn’t want to miss the playoffs.”

The cause of death is believe to be a result of herniation of the brain, but official results are yet to be shared with the public.

Though injuries have not been uncommon to the MAFL, this marks the first fatality.  

According to MAFL officials, analysis of the incident confirms this was an unfortunate accident and that Jag Parkar did not violate league rules.  Parkar, who received the news whilst on the transport back to Amrita, was inconsolable and unable to remark.

“This is a very sad day.”, said Andam Mirza, Immortals Manager, “We extend sincere condolences to Yamen’s family following his untimely passing.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

The Comets were not available for comment, but shared this statement:  “Yamen was a talented athlete and such a popular member of our team.  This tragic news leaves us in shock.  There are no words to express how deeply this affects each and every one of us.”

With funeral proceedings scheduled for next Saturni, Aiger Masing, CEO of the MAFL has instructed his staff to push the Week 21 schedule out.  Actual dates are pending.