MAFL Midway

Solis.Dhanus, 22, 249

It’s been a thrilling ride so far in the inaugural MAFL season and to celebrate the midway point of the season, the league broke out into a big spontaneous party.

A Penalty Kick Over Time Party! Because Week 11 of MAFL play was all about the PKOT.

The PKOT Party got started when the Immortals and United invited themselves over with a scoreless match in regulation which was then decided in Penalty Kicks as Immortals forward Ran Naik curved the winner over the outstretched hands of United goalkeeper, Yvonne Barnato into the opposite top corner. PKOT 3 to 2 for the Immortals.

The Immortals moved to 6 and 5 while United dropped to 5 and 6 in the standings.

Next ones to crash the PKOT Party were the Comets and Wuji.

Their match ended in a 1 to 1 tie with Marysa Waaiger scoring for Wuji and Isabelle Marsh knotting it up for the Comets.  In Overtime, Comets forward Kyrie Barnett charged up to power her shot through the hands of Wuji goalkeeper Trenton Seaton for the clincher. PKOT 3 to 2 for the Comets.  

The Comets moved to  2nd place in the standings with a 7 and 4 record while Wuji remained at the bottom of the standings with a 3 and 8 record.

Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, the Titans and Dongji also joined the party.  Last place Dongji put a scare in the first place Titans with Zhao Jiao scoring at the 1:03 mark. However, Readale Nash (the Cash) responded 4 minutes later with his 7th goal of the season. In Overtime, Titan’s Jube Terrell blasted a blur to the right of a frozen Dongi goalkeeper. PKOT 2 to 1 for the Titans.

The Titans soared to a 10 and 1 record with Dongji tied at the bottom with Wuji at 3 and 8.

In the fourth and final match of Week 11, Mussaddiqu Baddour of Al’amal SC opened up the scoring at the 9 minute mark against the Novyimir Dynamo.  Ilya Jaroslav Petrovich tied it up at the 43 minute mark.

With just one half left, all the makings of a full on league PKOT party were in play.


Until that buzz kill, Mariya Nikitovna spoiled the party.  Her goal at the 57th gave the Dynamo a 2 to 1 win in regular match play.

With the win, the Dynamo moved to 4 and 7 for the season while Al’amal went to 6 and 5.

“I’ve never seen anything like that”, said MAFL commissioner, Aigar Masing. “I know some traditionalists loathe the overtime Penalty Kicks but even they have to admit it was a lot of fun to watch.”

And fun has been plentiful at the MAFL midway so far. What have been some of the key attractions?

Step right up and see Immortals clash with Titans for league supremacy.

The Titans’ only season loss was to the Immortals in Week 3 as the Lanka Legend scored 4 goals that day.  In the week 10 rematch, the Titans gained revenge with a win from Nash the Cash’s two goals and a little help from sloppy goalkeeping.

Lanka Legend and Nash the Cash are also battling for individual supremacy as they are leading the league in goals with 9 and 7 respectively. How many more goals will these two score in the Week 17 grudge match between the Immortals and Titans?

How many goals will the Tiangong Wuji score in the second half? Despite their heavy spending, the Wuji can’t buy a goal with an anemic 8 goals. Even Lanka Legend has scored more.  Will their spending eventually pay off in the 2nd half and lift them out of the basement?

Their fellow basement brethren, the Tiangong Dongji, can score thanks to Darkeem Dennis and his 4 goals. Despite their spending, they can’t buy a win in overtime having 5 of their 8 losses in PKOT. Now if they could just clone Dennis….

Or talk to the Marineris Comets and learn how their balanced attack has helped them run off a three game winning streak vaulting them into 2nd place in the standings. Can they continue this momentum in the 2nd half?

Can Europa United learn that successful balance too? Despite a Martian air lock tight defence which has allowed just 7 goals, they have a mediocre 5 and 6 record. Like the Wuji, the opposing net might as well be lost in a Martian sand storm.

The Dynamo’s net however, is as big as the Valles Marineris canyon. Opponents have scored 26 goals against them. The next worse team – the Wuji with 16 goals allowed. And yet how have the Dynamo won more games than Wuji and Dongji?

And has anyone noticed the Al’amal SC are in 3rd place? And that four of their players are in the Goal Leaders rankings – the most of any team. If you don’t know, Musaddiq Baddour or Arwa Farra, you will soon.

And what else will pop out in the 2nd half of this MAFL ride? Hold tight and keep your eyes open.