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San Olympus, Capricornus 15, 2077, m249

54 Ware, 22 Avdî, 8 Nash, and 38 Carballal at Impromptu Fan Appreciation Event in San Olympus

54 Ware, 22 Avdî, 8 Nash, and 38 Carballal at Impromptu Fan Appreciation Event in San Olympus

Olympus Mons is the largest known volcano in the solar system.

Where else would Titan's live?

As the stories go, the founding fathers of San Olympus decided to go it alone in their quest to settle Mars because they were convinced that collaborating with other agencies would hold them back.  They were tenacious at achieving their goals and even though it was wrought with endless challenges, in many ways, they made it look easy.  

 "See you on the other side", is how Kamden Lewis closed the final press conference leading up to the mission launch date.

After 14 weeks of MAFL's first season, Titans have, like their founders, broken away from the pack.  They represent yet another achievement for the settlement.

The colony celebrates its 35 birthday in just a few months, but why wait?

Club owner, Kamden Lewis, isn't getting any younger.  

He didn't waste any time organizing tonight's impromptu fan appreciation event  minutes after the nail-biting PKOT victory against the Comets.  He ordered the team home instead of the planned overnight stay in Marineris so they could make it back in time for the celebration.  An ordinary citizen wouldn't be able to secure the entire Promenade deck of West Column, San Olympics - Lewis is far from ordinary.

Tonight, fans were treated to a festival like atmosphere a chance to get autographs and snapshots with their favourite players.

Raenia Ware, team captain, gave a thoughtful and inspiring welcome speech, thanking the fans and the colony for the tremendous support.  Her presence was particularly appreciated by many fans after having missed the last two games due to injury.  

Club manager, Paulo Salgado also shared heart-felt gratitude to the crowd,  the players and the organization, ending with a toast to Lewis.

My dreams are simple, but without great people like Kamden Lewis, they would not have been possible.
— Paulo Salgado, Titans Manager

Lewis, now 82 years old, did not make an address, however mingle with fans for a while before making an early exit.

Not all team members were in a celebratory mood.  

Nash was critical of the previous day's game, "It was too close of a match. Langanash came through in the end, but a game like that could have easily gone the other way.  I'm happy the team held it together, but I'm disappointed that Salgado and Wong [the club physician] held me back from the road trip just because of a cold."

Otherwise, San Olympus was glowing from the surprise revelry.  It was an incredible way to close out the weekend, but we can certainly expect more thrills and excitement from this team and this colony.

Both Nash and Ware are expected to get the all clear for week 15 when they take on Tiangong Wuji at Olympus Park.

See you on the other side!