Lanka's 10

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#7 Uday Lanka becomes the first player to hit 10 goals.

#7 Uday Lanka becomes the first player to hit 10 goals.

It was on Solis, Vrishika the 21st, Week 3, fresh in the MAFL season, and being great apparently wasn’t enough that day for Amrita Immortals’ Captain, Uday Lanka.

He had to be Phenomenal.

After already delivered a hat-trick in the first-half, giving the Immortals a comfortable 3 to 0 lead, Lanka had the to do something extraordinary.

With subtle coordinations, Immortals teammate Laurien Hagendoorn boost jumped her throw-in to a streaking Lanka who boosted a bicycle kick into the goal.  4 goals in a single match! 

This was the match that made Lanka a Legend.

Not only had he set a new bar for scoring, but he had single-handedly conquered the Titans; to-date, their only defeat.

Since his last PK goal in Week 11, however, Lanka's guns have fallen silent.  

Was it beginner's luck?  A matter of immature clubs yet to find their feet?  The effectiveness of deliberate counter-measures to stifle the league's top striker?  Or was it (as some have claimed) a slump?

Whatever the case, Lanka broke the silence with a stunning goal against Xue Su this afternoon to become the first MAFL player to break 10!

It’s an incredible feeling. It’s been like being out of sync with the ball, but it has made today that much sweeter!
— Uday Lanka, Immortals Captain

No doubt, Immortals owner Vijya Pandey hopes this re-ignites his star player.  With only 6 games left in the regular season, the Immortals are in a 3 way battle with Al'amal and the Comets to take down the Titans.

Today's match brings Immortals to 8 - 7 at the expense of Dong Ji who were clearly still stunned with this morning's announcement of #7 Dennis's impending transfer to Europa.