Spotlight on the Fedins

Mesha 7, 2048, m249

Anna and Katy Fedin of the Cosmonauts exhibition team.

Anna and Katy Fedin of the Cosmonauts exhibition team.

As the ISMO exhibition Hockey continues, few other players have captured Martian imagination like the Fedin sisters, Anna and Katy. We’re here today with an exclusive interview with the two sisters! Read on to find out why they joined the league, their thoughts on ISMO, and where they see hockey going on Mars.

Tell us a little about your background.

Anna: Well, we’re originally from Earth and still relatively new to Mars. We arrived in 247, so it's only been 2 and a half years.

What brought the two of you to Mars?

Katy: I came as part of an engineering scholarship program—I was accepted to the Noviymir program and I this helped Anna fast track her application as well.

Anna: Katy is the smart one. I was lucky to get my 5 year work visa to work at IKKERON-Organics. Both of us have dreamed of space and spending time off-world. Now, it’s hard to believe that we are living on Mars and playing ice hockey.

What has the transition from Earth to Mars been like?

Anna: It’s been pretty intense both physically and mentally. The gravity on Mars makes physical conditioning necessary.  It's mandatory in Noviymir and many of the other major colonies.  

Katy: I think the most difficult part for me was settling into a completely different society. It took a long time to get used to the how things are run here. Everything is so regimented, which you expect from the immigration process, but when you are actually here, you realize how regulated colony life has to be.

What has it been like being test players in ISMO? 

Katy: It’s been amazing. Anna and I both skated and played shinny when we were little, but neither of us had any professional hockey experience, so this is a real adventure.

Anna: I participated in team sports through high school, but the accelerated training program at ISMO is like nothing I've seen before.  The physical and mental conditioning has been intense, but the results are really satisfying.  We spend a lot of time watching old archival hockey too.

Katy: That’s right!

Anna: What I love most about participating in the ISMO program is being part of something familiar, together. When you’re on a brand new planet, it’s nice to have something that reminds you of where you’re from, even when the physics of skating and everything else is so wildly different.

What is it like playing on the same team as your sister?

Katy: It’s been so great. I think when you’re playing on the same team as someone you grew up with, there’s a level of trust there that will take other players a long time to build.

Where do you see hockey going on Mars?

Anna: I think there’s lots and lots of opportunity here. The exhibition games have been doing so well—the turnout for the games shows there is curiosity and interest. I think Mars is ready and hungry for more events like ISMO Hockey and the MAFL.

Katy: It’s still early for the sport, so there are definitely some growing pains. I personally hope it becomes something.  Anna and I have serious talks about staying on Mars after I graduate and complete the contracted work-term.  Hockey could really be the fork in our road.