Colonist Tracking

Each colony has different requirements imposed for temporary and permanent residence, however all major settlements (with the exception of some expeditionary outfits) deploy monitoring and tracking systems on all individuals.

Location-based Tracking

Location tracking is commonly deployed in all colonies, but vary with respect to implementation. Many colonies require active implants to track movements where as others, such as San Olympus, use surveillance and 'access cards'.

Health-based Tracking

Several colonists have advanced programs in place that actively collect data on each permanent resident.  Standard vitals are aggregated to measure physical wellbeing and identify trends that could present health issues for the colony.

Mental wellness tracking (also referred to as Emotional Surveillance) is a mandatory in Marineris, Chariton, Mareotis, and Wendland.  Tiangong, Huacheng and Al'Amal have similar programs, however, are optional for colonists..