Yvonne Barnato

Yvonne Barnato is a professional athlete who plays for Europa United in the Martian Aero Football League.


Date of Birth: 2053

Place of Birth: Italy, Earth

Arrival/Residency: 2064, full citizenship in Europa Colony

Occupation: Professional Aero Football Player

Positions Played:  Goalkeeper, Forward

Prior Occupation(s): Lab assistant, youth councillor

Height: 5' 11" (1.78m)

Early Years

Yvonne Barnato grew up in London 2 and came to Mars with her mother at the age of 11.  Her mother, Dr. Michele Findlais, a prominent robotics expert had a 6 year contract with an ESA project that required temporary relocation.  After serving 4 years, Dr. Findlais unexpectedly passed away.  Yvonne deferred returning to Earth to finish her school program.  After successful completion, she elected to continue her studies on Mars as a part-time, remote student at Leeds University (Earth) and simultaneous apprentice with  Geykon Bioteciob.  

She cites her repeated decisions to remain on Mars were driven by the tight-knit friendships she developed in Europa's small school groups .

The close ties I had formed with the 4 others in my class, along with their families, outweighed any bonds I had with relatives back on Earth. It really was not a difficult decision.
— Yvonne Barnato, 2077

Sporting Career

Yvonne was recruited as a candidate for MAFL (along with friend, Nina Pisani) after being scouted  playing with the 'Barcelona squad' in the recreational 'District' league.  Yvonne was drafted by United while Pisani was later drafted by the Immortals.

Yvonne is best known for being one of the first goalkeeper in the MAFL who could consistently score.

She wears number 58 for Europa United.

Barnato was moved by United manager, Matthäus Reinmann, from goalkeeper to forward mid-season 1 in a bid to bolster the teams offence.  Her replacement in goal was Kevin Sulzberger, #48.

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