Fan Expo Canada 2017

We have a busy week ahead of us.

Pre-launching Meta Olympia corresponds with lots of great activity at this year's Fan Expo Canada in Toronto; Now the 3rd largest pop-culture convention in North America behind San Diego and New York.

We held our Meta Olympia Night Dinner Soiree last night for 35 guests and media.  It was a blast to have an intimate and chill gathering to celebrate and make new pals.

Today, the convention opens in the afternoon and we'll be there supporting our friends at ArtStation.  Just as they broke the barrier into the top 1000 most visited worldwide online properties according to Alexa, I'm really proud to be helping them with their first exposure at a public-facing event.  It is an incredible opportunity for ArtStation to be among the artists in Artist Alley as well as attending the show as a press outlet.

I have the privilege of being the moderator at the Panel with an incredible line up of industry experts in the creative & M&E space.  Leonard Teo (CEO and co-founder of ArtStation) will be joined by Thomas Heerman (Senior Director from Autodesk M&E), Nacho Yague (Senior Concept Artist), and Tim Warnock (Artist and co-founder of North Front).  With the theme of "Breaking in and Staying in the industry", I'm expecting a really insightful cross section on talent, technology and industry trends.

Visit us at the ArtStation booth #655 by Artist Alley or join us at the panel on Saturday, Sep 2 at 11AM in theatre 701A.


I'm also a very proud sponsor to this year's RAID Studio Social.  This exclusive creator and industry party has been hosted by Rámon Pérez and crew for years, but this is the biggest event they've ever held and has a completely outrageous guest list... all for the purpose of great times and casual hang out.

RAID studio has also been a huge supporter to Meta Olympia.  This launch features incredible work by Rámon, Marcus To, and Nimit Malavia.  I'm also excited about the opportunity to work with Anthony Falcone who has recently come onboard to contribute on the writing team.

It's a been a crazy ride to get ready for this... so appropriate that it will stay crazy. 

After Fan Expo, We'll also be attending Elevate in Toronto and New York Comic Con on October 5 & 6.