Hello World!

Today, we quietly turned on Meta Olympia and it now officially exists as its own property for the general public to see.

Like so many wonderful things, Meta Olympia is the result of a series of completely unexpected circumstances. As an idea, it didn’t exist until randomly muttered in a casual pub conversation. As a project, it has been a work-in-progress for but a handful of months, supported by an ever expanding motley crew of contributors that faithfully believe “it’s worth a shot”.

From my perspective, when disparate ideas and people somehow magically coalesce, that is the kind of normal that I want to make part of my life. 

There are countless people who have influenced Meta Olympia, so this endeavour was only possible because of their encouragement and belief.

I must give a special shout out to Tinker Hatfield.  Tinker and I met years ago when he started getting deep into digital drawing.  We’ve kept up over the years, but he did me a super solid by generously offering his time and expertise to review all the first round concepts back in April.  As a super star designer and as a guy that knows a thing or two about sports, his feedback, reactions, and advice were invaluable to nudging the project forward.

Tinker Hatfield going through EVERYTHING at Saint Simon Coffee Company in Portland.

Tinker Hatfield going through EVERYTHING at Saint Simon Coffee Company in Portland.

With that, let me share a few things that we, the people who have been living part of our lives 60 years in this future, believe:

  • We believe space exploration and NASA are cool
  • We believe sci-fi should be an everyday kind of thing… not isolated to shows, games or stories, but part of mainstream culture
  • We believe that through our lens of sports, more kids will find new interest in STEM
  • We believe we can make a machine that makes cool jobs for humans
  • We love news and we believe we can make a platform that bridges fantasy and reality with meaningful content
  • We believe in imagination… that people can and will be inspired by our simple blend of words and art
  • We believe Meta Olympia can influence people today