Month Marker...

It has been over 4 weeks since we have been running Meta Olympia live and so far so good.

It would have been hard to imagine just a few months ago what it would actually bve like operating an adhoc newsroom and coordinating with so many different collaborators from around the world. 

More fascinating, I don't think we expected how quickly our imaginary world would deceive even ourselves... the more we write about this fake, generated-world, the more we realize that it is about as real as anything else... or do I mean, meaningful?

Sometimes when I find myself wishing the simulator spit out another result or hoping to see more more activity from a particular player, I am reminded how awesome it is that we faithfully accept the machine's outcome.  Our creativity is not to make-up the over-arching plot of Meta Olympia, rather, our craft is in all those subtle, human details.  

From a design perspective, I am a fan of constrained requirements.  Projects that have no constraints, endless budgets and open themes can quickly become unstructured flights-of-fantasy.  Here, we play the cards we are dealt... whether it be the simulated scores, our tight content budget, or our explicit choice to run in real-time to this parallel 60-year-in-the-future timeframe.

Things are progressing naturally and it feels pretty freaking good so far.

Here are a couple of highlights from the last few weeks: 

We got a great write up from GAME OF NERDS.  My favourite line:

Who knows, one day this could be the way we consume all digital media, through real time world building sims bringing us that much closer to the future of humanity and civilization.

I also got to be a guest on the Geed Hard Show last Friday – Episode 382.  Andrew Young invited me to the live broadcast and it was really a pleasure to just talk about the project casually with Andrew and James.  They were super generous and enthusiastic.

You can stream the recorded show from HERE.  My segement start at 43:25.

There are plenty of more activities and stories on the way... behind the curtains too!