Pathfinder, Ultra Marathon

Mercurii, Markara, 2077, m249


Mortal-beings versus Mars.

Forged in the remote territories by explorer companies and their nomadic settlements, Pathfinder is the ultimate endurance challenge. 

A 5 stage, 10 day contest, pits individual challengers against a gruelling 1200KM mixed terrain course that starts at Noctis Labyrinthus and finishes in Marineris Colony.


Calling on the Best of the Best

This is the first year this bi-annual content has been open to colony residents, making it truly a global affair.  Challengers must meet the extensive requirements that include self-funding, medical certification, and pass the 5-day Pathfinder Bootcamp Program.  The application fee is 10,000 M-Credits, non-refundable. 

If you have what it takes to find the path, register at any CITY-KIOSK in your colony.  Application submissions for both Men's or Women's Pathfinder Marathon close on Solis, Makara 22nd.



  • Pathfinder Marathon opening ceremonies Jovis, Aquarius 19, 2077, m249
  • Men's Marathon begins Aquarius 20
  • Women's Marathon begins Aquarius 27

Information on live spectator registration  will be made available on Martian Circuit Tourism (MCT).

Update Story: Pathfinder Bootcamp


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