Pathfinder Bootcamp

Lunae, Makara 23, 2077, m249


This week marks the wrap up of the final bootcamp for Pathfinder hopefuls.

Organizers have finally shared the numbers for applicants hoping to compete in this year's ultra-marathon, but specific racers have not been announced.  According to statements released today,  across all of the colonies and facilities, more than 450 individuals have applied for a chance to race.

Pathfinder is likely the most intense contest of physical and mental endurance in the solar system, so the vetting of racers is not taking lightly.  

"Most applicants are scratch well before the medical reviews.", said Ronnie Suleo, a marketing spokesperson for Pathfinder, "There is a significant financial requirement and technical requirement that many hopefuls just cannot meet.  These are the gates to pass to become a candidate for the physical and mental vetting."

Even after passing the preliminaries, applicants must pass the training and bootcamp program.  With the last bootcamp coming to a close, all applicants will be anxiously waiting for the official posting of the 2077 Pathfinder Marathon contenders, which is expected to before Martis, Aquarius the 3rd, in less than a week.

Washing out - Most of the applicants fail the rigorous bootcamp training program and are sent home.

Washing out - Most of the applicants fail the rigorous bootcamp training program and are sent home.

Some analysts are expecting the Men's lineup will end up around 50 racers or more, which would be more than double of prior years.  Others don't think that is possible, not to mention safe.

According to Garin Papaviny, last year's Pathfinder winner, "I don't think many people realize what it takes to survive this race.  It pushes you to the edge in almost every way.  I've been born and bred in VEX Co, so I live the outdoors.  Just because so many colonists want to challenge themselves this year doesn't mean they can make the cut."

Papaviny won't be racing this year.  He is part of the Pathfinder organizers and is providing his expertise as a consultant.  He has been an integral part planning stages, including scouting and designing this year's course through Valle Marineris.

More updates coming soon as Pathfinder Marathon is just 3 weeks away!