Playoffs Coming into Focus

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Certainty:  Titans, Comets and Immortals are IN and DongJI is out.

Certainty:  Titans, Comets and Immortals are IN and DongJI is out.

With only 2 weeks left in the season, the playoffs are fast approaching but how that picture will materialize is still as hazy as a typical Mars sand storm as the playoff position of six teams is still up in the air.

One certainty so far: The Titans will enter the playoffs with the top seed (See Standings below).

Another certainty: The Comets and Immortals will make the playoffs. 

The uncertainty: Which seed will each team own in the playoffs?

week 20-playoffs-standings.png

The Comets can clinch the 2nd seed with a win over the Immortals in Week 20. A Comets loss in Week 20 leaves both teams tied for the 2nd seed going into Week 21 where the Comets face the Titans @ San Olympus while the Immortals are @ home to face Al’amal.

If the Comets and Immortals end up tied after Week 21, the tiebreaker goes to the Comets who are 2-0 over the Immortals in regular season head to head play.

week20-head to head.png

For the Immortals – just win one of two matches and they’re guaranteed the 3rd seed.

If the Immortals lose to the Comets in Week 20 and then Al’amal in Week 21, they end up with an 11 and 10 record with the potential to go into the playoffs as the 4th seed.

For that to happen, Al’amal will need to beat a suddenly shaky Titans in Week 20 and then beat the Immortals in Week 21 to secure the 3rd seed as the tiebreaker between Al’amal and the Immortals goes to Al’amal who are 2-1 vs. the Immortals head to head play.

While Al’amal’s playoff path is steep, the Dynamo face Dongji and Wuji to close out the season in what promises to be two emotionally charged matches back home @ Noviymir. If Al’amal and the Dynamo end up tied in the standings, the tiebreaker goes to the Dynamo who are 2-1 in head to head play.

A playoff berth for the Dynamo would help heal a colony torn with strife throughout the Chubarov outbreak while a playoff berth for Al’amal would reward the club for its high powered offensive style.

An underwhelming United season could still be salvaged with a playoff berth but a number of things will need to happen.  They’ll need to beat both Wuji and Dongji to end up with a 10 and 11 regular season record AND both Al’amal and the Dynamo will need to go winless in Week 20 and 21.

If United ends up tied with either Al’amal or Dynamo after the regular season, they miss the playoffs as the tiebreakers go to both Al’amal and Dynamo who each own a 2-1 regular season record over Europa.

Do you believe in Miracles?  If you do, then step right up and lay witness to Wuji.

To crawl their way up to the fourth and final playoff spot, the Wuji will need:

  1. Victories over United in Week 20 and the Dynamo in Week 21 to end the season at 9 and 12.
  2. Al’amal and the Dynamo to both go winless in the next two weeks to end up 9 and 12.
  3. United to end up at 9 and 12 or worse.

If these three conditions all happen, shockingly, the Wuji will advance as the tiebreakers all favour Wuji:  3 – 0 over Al’amal in head to head; 2-1 over Dynamo and United in head to head.

Don’t believe it?

Based on everything you’ve seen so far in Season 1 of MAFL play, believe anything.