Transfers, Trades and Musical Chairs

Jovis, Capriconrus 26, 2077, m249

Today, clubs across the MAFL posted official announcements confirming trade rumours and line up changes.

As this is the first experience of this kind for many fans, particularly those who have grown up on Mars without any prior context, it was an unexpected emotional reality of the game.

Here's the rundown...

Wuji and Comets

Marysa Waaijer traded to Marineris Comets. 

Waaijer, though born on Mars, is not a native of Tiangong.  Of Dutch origins, her family were among the original pioneers of Europa in 2046.  Waaijer only moved toTiangong in Kumbha 248 after being recruited by Bobby Chung, Wuji head manager.

“She was one of my first picks outside the colony,”, said Chung, “And now she must be my first pick to leave.  She will be missed, but this is a deal we need to build the team for the future.”

Marysa Waaijer traded to Comets

Marysa Waaijer traded to Comets

Waaijer issued this statement: “The fans of Tiangong have welcomed me since day-1 and they have supported me and the team through our best and worst.   Though saddened to leave, I am excited about what the future will bring at Marineris.”

In return for Waaijer, Wuji are receiving… Maurice O’neal, a Midfielder, and Khloe Mckay, a Defender.  This expands the slim Wuji roster to 19 players.

The Comets have the largest squad in the league.  Both O

Comets Chairman, Elizabeth Foster, expressed  


Adam Stepanovich, Dynamo’s Head Manager has finally made the decision to change what's between the posts.  Kyrylyuk has has a dismal season with worst goals against record in the league… an unbelievable 31 goals that have slipped by.

Danilovich replaces Kyryluk between the posts.

Danilovich replaces Kyryluk between the posts.

This was a long time coming, but what did come as a surprise is that the job went to 11 Boris Danilovich.  There were other contenders among the existing team, with Defenders 43 Heriberto Couto and 39 Dijen Axa have regularly played goal in practise, Stepanovichhas opted for a role reversal with Danilovich swapping positions with Kyryluk.

Hopefully, Kyryluk is able to translate his ability to allow the ball into the net in the reversedirection.

Titans, Al’amal, and Amrita

These clubs were steadfast, confirming today that no changes will be made to their rosters.

The Titans have an unbelievable 14-1 record, but have recently be mired by injuries that have noticeably affected their otherwise flawless performance.  With a roster of 21 players, they have a lot of strong secondary players to rely on.

Both Al’amal and Amrita are neck-and-neck with identical records this season with 8 wins and 7 losses.  Neither are ready to mix things up at this point in the season as they fight for top position.

Dong Ji

Huacheng was the first to go public with their intentions of selling Dennis to United in what they called ‘an offer they could not refuse’.

With 2 new untested players called up from the juniors, #47 Chen Xie and #96 Lim Hou, it is uncertain if this will re-energize the club.  It has, however, fuelled suspicion of racism in Huacheng, to which the club flatly denies. 

Dennis did not seem disappointed by the opportunity to leave Huacheng.

Dennis did not seem disappointed by the opportunity to leave Huacheng.


In addition to theirplay with Dennis, Reinmann officially announced his plan with goalkeeping and bolstering his offensive line.  58 Barnato and 31 Parnet will become a forwards, 48 Sulzberger will take goal, and Barlas will be moving to a midfield position.

“This is all I have for now,” said Reinmann, “This will not be a magic fix, but we will start here and make subsequent adjustments accordingly.  What I want to focus on now is on our match this Saturni.”

Sources close to Barnato suggest that she is not entirely pleased with the club’s decision.  Though she was a successful striker in her youth, she has always stated that playing goal was her passion.  She was not available for comment.

With the Transfer Window now closed, clubs will not be able to trade, but can continue to make internal adjustments at their own discretion.

This Saturni and Solis will put these new configurations to the test.