Rethinking Checkpoints

Veneris, Capricornus, 27, 2077, m249

Last weekend's In-Out Checkpoint at Marineris.

Last weekend's In-Out Checkpoint at Marineris.

Marineris needs to come up with new IO policies to make it more efficient to get outside.  They aren't alone.  Aside from United, Amrita, and to some degree, San Olympus, the current processes to leave a colony have become problems with the growing demand to attend MAFL matches.

THE PROBLEM:  Leaving the safety of a colony is regulated, as it should be, but the security and customs processes have not been updated to factor the increased volume of In-Out as a direct result of the MAFL.

The league has been lobbying for changes since well before season 1, but aside from increased security lines at the check-points, the bottleneck of processing spectators has been an increasing cause of frustration.

"Our primary objective is to keep residents safe.  We will never take a casual approach to exterior movements of our people.   This type of volume was not forecasted."

The MAFL insists there are creative ways to circumvent the problem.  Despite the fact there are many, arguably better ways to enjoy the sport, the demand to actually be at the stadiums is at an all-time high.  If there were twice the number of spectator transports available, there would likely be that much more backlog at the check-points.

According to Aigar Masing, CEO of the MAFL, "It would just take a few borers to connect the stadiums to the colonies.  Marineris Stadium already has a deployable soft dome and if the colonies could connect life support and pipe in atmosphere, what could be safer colonists?"

Though it may be feasible, it all comes down to priorities.

In a prepared statement by Colony Council, they said, "Marineris has supported the MAFL since the beginning and has expended considerable resources to help make it happen.  We couldn't be more pleased that the league has become a success and will continue our support; we just can't ignore the other responsibilities of the state. Our way of life is only possible due to calculated resource management."

Even if MAFL and the clubs had the means to privately fund this type of project, it would take time.  Oxygen production capacity would represents the biggest challenge to overcome.

"It is all possible.",  according to James Brennis, a Vallis Engineer, "All of it, including the atmosphere.  But even if they green-lit this tomorrow, there's no way it could happen this season.  All the robots are accounted for."

Until we see stadiums connected to colonies, the only solution will come with more efficient IO processes.  

Europa and Amrita's pre-checkin and personal tracking systems on spectator vehicles are proven low-cost solutions to the weekend bottlenecks.

No one should have to wake up early on a Saturni or Solis just to queue for an hour to get on a transport.  What is this... Earth?
— Aigar Masing