Al'amal Fails To Topple Titans

Al'amal, Capricornus 7, 249

It was a particularly dusty day in Al'amal, not enough to warrant the stadium crew to deploy the tent, but enough to cast the appropriate shadow over the record 16 spectator-transports that lined the top-side deck around the pitch.

The last home game win came in Week 8 against the Marineris Comets.  It feels like eons ago since this crowd erupted into excitement over a Farra goal, but it wasn't going to happen for her, or them, in today's contest.  

"The referee isn't doing he job," according to one local fan, "I don't care what they say about the bots and referee-systems... they are letting obvious fouls against Arwa [Farra] go without cards." 

Others site the team's over-indulgence to prop her up as a problem.

"When you see players giving up clear opportunities and instead pass to her [Farra], it is frustrating.", described Stanley Rathi, himself a phys-ed coach at an A-Levels institute, "We all want her to be top scorer in the league, but not at the expense of the match!"

By no means did the Al'amal SC roll-over and make it easy for the league's juggernaut. 

Farra narrowly missed a rebound shot at the 42 minute mark and came oh-so close to tying the match with a break-away shot that was stolen from her by Titan goalkeeper, #15 Busara.

Al'amal SC held Titans to only 3 shots on goal, but with constant pressure from the Titan forwards, the deciding factor came with #12 Jube Terrell's goal at 18 minutes into the 2nd half. 

#12 Terrell scores her 3rd of the season against Al'amal SC.

#12 Terrell scores her 3rd of the season against Al'amal SC.

"Readale (Nash) was taunting Pour (Al'amal goalkeeper),", Terrell described, "But his pass to Perez was intercepted by Guler (Al'amal #11).  They didn't have their eyes on me, so I came in on Guler's blindside and took the shot right in front of his feet.  It felt like taking candy from a baby."

Though Titan's Captain, #54 Raenia Ware was spotted with teammates in Al'amal earlier in the week, she was not in the lineup, not present pitchside, nor in the post-game briefing.  The club, however, did not have any comments about her absence.

The Titans remain undefeated in their last 10 games.  Big question is:  Which club will finally break the Titan streak?