MAFL Week 11 Roundup

Dynamos - Immortals

Karka 23 • Novyimir Stadium

Samrend and Karaaria from the Dynamos high-five after the match.

Samrend and Karaaria from the Dynamos high-five after the match.

Dynamos have a close call with the Immortals, but prove victorious.

A last minute goal into the bottom left corner by Dynamo forward, Sergey Samrend, with an assist from Karaaria, tipped the victory into the Dynamo’s lap at Novyimir Stadium this week. Karaaria has proved herself to be a valuable asset to the Dynamos—setting up passes with a high conversion to goals.

Meanwhile, Lanka has continued his personal scoring streak, seemingly immune to the Immortal’s losses.


  • 1ST 14’ Nikitovna surpasses her season 1 scoring record with today’s goal for the Dynamos

  • 1ST 20’ Lanka scores the Immortals only goal of the game

  • 2ND 22’ Samrend scores to the bottom left with an assist from Karaaria


  • 2ND 4’ Lanka was pulled out of play early in the second half due to suspicions of a malfunctioning air purifier.

9 6
52% 48%
2 3

Wuji Sports Club - Titans

Karka 23 • Tiangong Stadium


Titans roar back onto the pitch in full-force with Nash leading the scoring.

Wuji seemed to poised to win the match as they dominate the first half of the match. But whatever the Titans coach told the team at halftime, it definitely worked as the team seemed to pull together both offensively and defensively.

With Nash at the lead, the Titans quickly closed the scoring gap with Carballal scoring the winning goal in extra time.


  • 1ST 16’ Repsas (Wuji) scores with an assist from Beldad

  • 1ST 23’ Lian (Wuji) scores with one of his signature aerial shots.

  • 2ND 8’ Nash is unleashed and scores a cross-field kick for the Titans

  • 2ND 18’ Nash ends a charge across the field with a goal into the top left corner.

  • ET 2’ Carballal scores the winning goal for the Titans


8 12
49% 51%
3 3

United - Dongji

Karka 24 • Dongji Field


Dongji steals a win from United with a well-coordinated offensive push.

Dongji played like a different team today as they successfully routed multiple United attempts and counterattacked effectively. The The Dongji defensive line of Chang, Mao, and Zhao really shone today as they held the fort.

Ekberg stepped up to the line and was able to fake Sulzberger into taking a dive to the left, while he kicked the ball into the bottom right corner.


  • 1ST 8’ Ivanova (United) scores with an assist from Fuchs

  • 1ST 14’ DaCosta (Dongji) heads an attempted pass into the goal from 40m out.

  • 1ST 28’ Ekberg nails his penalty kick to put Dongji in the lead

  • 2ND 7’ Saqqat (Dongji) scores with a kick into the bottom left corner

  • 2ND 12’ Rosenblad (United) scores with an assist from Rouselle.

8 10
53% 47%
3 4

Al’amal Sports Club - Comets

Karka 24 • Al’amal Stadium

Al’amal forward, Arwa Farra, getting some air as she lands a goal with a bicycle kick.

Al’amal forward, Arwa Farra, getting some air as she lands a goal with a bicycle kick.

Comets are completely crushed by Al’amal in a match that took everyone by surprise!

The only goal from the Comet’s was a free kick from Waaijer early in the second half. The highlight of the match was an outstanding inverted aerial goal from Farra. The ball seemed out of reach as multiple team members attempted a header. However, Farra expended a boost at the height of her jump that spun her upside down and gave her the extra reach needed to smash the ball down.


  • 1ST 8’ Fayad (Al’amal) opens up scoring, snatching up a deflected freekick to send it straight high and centre

  • 1ST 14’ Farra (Al’amal) pulls off an inverted aerial to smash the ball into the bottom right corner

  • 1ST 21’ Muhammed (Al’amal) scores with an assist from Guler

  • 2ND 6’ Waaijer scores the Comet’s only goal

  • 2ND 17’ Baddour (Al’amal) heads the ball for a goal

  • 2ND 24’ Farra scores on a direct free kick for Al’amal

12 4
64% 36%
2 4

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 11 8 3 28
United 11 7 4 28
Al'Amal Sports Club 11 7 4 25
Wuji Sports Club 11 6 5 27
Comets 11 5 6 32
Titans 11 5 6 22
Dongji 11 3 8 21
Immortals 11 3 8 19
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 10
Darkeem Dennis 9
Qigang Lian 8
Readale Nash 8
Arwa Farra 8
Ilya Petrovich 6
Mariya Nikitovna 6
Yvonne Barnato 6
Jube Terrell 5
Lennard Fuchs 5