MAFL Week 3 Roundup

Wuji - Dynamo

Mithuna 21 • Tiangong Stadium

zeng prepares to take a corner kick for wuji

zeng prepares to take a corner kick for wuji

Dynamos continue their red hot winning streak and take the lead in the standings.

Petrovich once again delivers the deciding goal of the match. Senturk and Nikitovna also contribute goals to Dyanmo's victory at Tiangong Stadium. Wuji started strong with and took the lead early after halftime. They were unable to hold onto their lead despite a valiant effort by Lian to lead his team, but were unable to find off the relentless offence of the Dynamos..

16 25
34% 66%
3 4


  • 1ST 5' Senturk scores for Dynamos
  • 1ST 6' Wong scores for Wuji
  • 2ND 12' Lian scores for Wuji
  • 2ND 14' Nikitovna scores for Dynamos
  • 2ND 19' Petrovich scores the deciding goal for Dynamos

Dongji - Titans

Mithuna 21 • Novyimir Stadium

a frustrated ware waits out the rest of the first half in the pit as technicians raced replace damaged components in her tech pack and thrust nozzles.

a frustrated ware waits out the rest of the first half in the pit as technicians raced replace damaged components in her tech pack and thrust nozzles.

Dongji proves they're not the same squad we saw last season with this week's victory.

Many are attributing Dongji's new spirit to the newly minted captain, Marcus Ekberg. The team ran like a smoothly oiled machine as they successfully ran counterattacks the Titan's offensives pushes. Nevertheless, it was Nash and Ekberg that stole the show this match with 2 goals apiece, but Ekberg has the last laugh as he punts the ball into the top right corner at the 24 minute mark for the second half.  The pressure is on Titan captain, Raenia Ware, as concerns mount from the losing trend that is keeping them at the bottom with the similarly struggling Immortals club.


15 22
43% 57%
2 4
  • 1ST 4' Nash scores for Titans
  • 1ST 6' Ekberg scores for Dongji
  • 1ST 9' Geng scores for Dongji
  • 2ND 4' Terrell scores for Titans
  • 2ND 12' Saqqat scores for Dongji
  • 2ND 15' Nash scores for Titans
  • 2ND 24' Ekeberg scores for Dongji


  • 1ST 26'  Ware forced to stop play due to damaged boost thruster
  • 2ND 10' Fan replaces Feston after she sprains
    an ankle on a bad landing.

Immortals - Al'amal Sports Club

Mithuna 22 • Amrita Stadium


Al'amal Sports Club and Amrita Immortals meet for the first time since Season 1.

Lanka fights hard for the Immortals after an anemic first half—scoring 2 goals for the Immortals in the second half. The home crowd were on the edge of their seats as Lanka is almost tied the match when he hit the post with 3 minutes left. Season 2 has been hard on Lanka, despite currently being the top scorer in the league, his team has yet to win any games. 

Mancebo is red carded in the second half for smashing her elbow into an Al'amal forward's faceplate as she tried to intercept a pass. New league rules on head contact are being strictly enforced this season.  


  • 1ST 6' Guler scores for Al'amal
  • 1ST 18' Baddour scores for Al'amal
  • 2ND 19' Lanka scores for Immortals
  • 2ND 22' Lanka scores for Immortals
  • 2ND 25' Fayad scores for Al'amal


  • 2ND 22' Mancebo given a red card and suspended for one match.
17 18
49% 51%
4 3

Europa United - Comets

Mithuna 22 • Europa Stadium


A intense game with both teams pouring their all into the match at Europa Stadium.

United threw everything they had at the Comets, clearly gunning for the win as they came up against last season's champions. Manfredo Riva gets his first chance in goal as United Manager, Matthäus Reinmann, gives Sulzberger a day off. The Comets pressed but were shut down as the United defence targeted Comets forward, Stephen Liu.

Increasing frustration on the Comet's side lead to an uncommon number of bookings, ending with Brooks being ejected from the game after receiving his second yellow card. United's captain, Fuchs, capitalizes on the change and converts the penalty kick into the winning goal.  

Saprai is back on the field after sitting out the last match.


  • 1ST 12' Marsh scores for Comets
  • 1ST 26' Dennis scores for United
  • 2ND 14' Elliot scores for Comets
  • 2ND 22' Barnato scores for United
  • 2ND 26' Fuchs scores for United


  • 2ND 16' Shelton is replaced by Marsh after a suit malfunction


20 18
55% 45%
3 6

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 3 3 0 9
Dongji 3 2 1 9
Al'Amal Sports Club 3 2 1 7
United 3 2 1 4
Comets 3 1 2 8
Wuji Sports Club 3 2 1 6
Titans 3 2 1 6
Immortals 3 0 3 4
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 4
Marcus Ekberg 3
Zhou Geng 3
Readale Nash 3
Husain el Guler 3
Ilya Petrovich 2
Avideh Karaaria 2
Yvonne Barnato 2
Sergey Samrend 2
Darkeem Dennis 2