MAFL Week 4 Roundup

Immortals - Wuji

Cancer 2 • Amrita Stadium


Immortals can't break their losing streak. Wuji gives their strongest performance so far with their second win of the season.

Despite Lanka's brilliant plays and scoring ability, he can't hold up the team on his own. After the game, spectators reported Immortals manager, Andam Mirza, attempting to calm down the agitated owner of the team. Pandey reportedly screamed at Mirza "We're looking like fools out there."

The Wuji are in great shape so far, with former captain Hachette scoring his first goal of the season. "It's much easier to play without the burden of the 'C' on my arm," claims Hachette.

11 19
39% 61%
4 4


  • 1ST 23' Lanka scores for Immortals
  • 1ST 25' Hachette scores for Wuji
  • 2ND 4' Lanka scores again for Immortals
  • 2ND 16' Repsas scores for Wuji
  • 2ND 20' Lian scores for Wuji

Dynamos - Europa United

Cancer 2 • Novyimir Stadium

barnato expends a boost to intercept a high pass before smashing it into the dynamo's net.

barnato expends a boost to intercept a high pass before smashing it into the dynamo's net.

Europa United brings the Dynamo's winning streak to an end. 

All good things must come to an end and the Dynamos' high is over. Despite dominating the in first half, the Dynamos lagged in the second half as the women of Europa United played an effective midfield. Barnato, Pernet, and Rosenblad all contributed goals to tie up the game at full time, while Fuchs and Dennis finished off the Dynamos in extra time.


27 21
57% 43%
6 3
  • 1ST 8' Petrovich scores for Dynamos
  • 1ST 14' Barnato scores for United
  • 1ST 18' Pernet scores for United
  • 2ND 5' Nikitovna scores for Dynamos
  • 2ND 12' Rosenblad scores for United
  • 2ND 22' Leonidovich scores for Dynamos
  • ET 2' Fuchs scores for United
  • ET 6' Dennis scores for United

Titans - Comets

Cancer 3 • San Olympus Stadium


Season rivals Titans and Comets face off for the first time in Season 2.

The Comets lost the game to the Titans at San Olympus today, putting them near the bottom of the pack with only 1 win and 3 losses so far. Like Lanka, Liu has netted the most goals for the Comets so far, but despite his scoring prowess, the Comets have not been able to consistently win matches yet.

Nash is a close second behind Lanka on the scoring rankings, and looks to be gunning for the top.


  • 1ST 6' Nash scores for Titans
  • 1ST 19' Carballel scores for Titans
  • 1ST 24' Bradley scores for Comets
  • 1ST 28' Ferraz scores for Comets
  • 2ND 18' Liu scores for Comets
  • 2ND 23' Terrell scores for Titans
  • ET 4' Nash scores for Titans


17 18
53% 47%
3 3

Al'amal Sports Club - Dongji

Cancer 3 • Al'amal Stadium


Al'amal outplays Dongji in the second half as Baddour scores his first goal of Season 2

Al'amal forward Massadiq Baddour gave an impressive performance against Dongji on Cancer 3—the captain has been regularly praised for his leadership skills by teammates and opponents alike, and tonight was no different. This win puts Al'amal neck and neck with the current leaders of Season 2, the Dynamos.

Meanwhile, despite losing tonight's game, Dongji flying along quite solidly under the leadership of Marcus Ekberg. They were able to pull into the lead slightly in the first half, but ran out of steam after half time—giving the game away.


  • 1ST 4' Fara scores for Al'amal
  • 1ST 12' deCosta scores for Dongji
  • 1ST 21' Fan scores for Dongji
  • 2ND 9' Baddour scores for Al'amal
  • 2ND 17' Mohar scores for Al'amal
20 18
55% 45%
3 6

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 4 3 1 12
Al'Amal Sports Club 4 3 1 10
United 4 3 1 9
Titans 4 2 2 10
Dongji 4 2 2 9
Wuji Sports Club 4 2 2 9
Comets 4 1 3 11
Immortals 3 0 4 6
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 6
Readale Nash 5
Marcus Ekberg 4
Zhou Geng 3
Ilya Petrovich 3
Yvonne Barnato 3
Husain el Guler 3
Darkeem Dennis 3
Avideh Karaaria 2
Sergey Samrend 2