Qigang Lian

Lian is a forward and Captain in the Martian Aero Football League.


Date of Birth: 2049

Place of Birth: Shanghai, Earth

Arrival/Citizenship: 2070, Chinese National, Resident of Wuji. 

Occupation: Foward MAFL

Prior Occupations: Director of R&D, Bio Mechanical Engineer

Marital Status: Married to Lillian Xie Lian 

Height: 5' 10" (1.8M)

Lian originally came to Mars on a temporary work permit, but quickly attained a director role by the age of 26 and decided to become a permanant resident.  

Lian went to the Aero Football tryouts on a dare, but after demonstrating natural skill, he was faced with a difficult decision when recruiters wanted to join training camp.  Recently married and a critical member to his organization, Lian deferred his decision for months, but eventually made the commitment to join the MAFL club.

He was appointed Captain of Dongji after 6 months of training camp.

Lian was traded to Wuji prior to Season 2 of MAFL.

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