Javelin Throw Keeps to Roots

Karka 15, 2078, m249


The Pathfinder Sport Athletics Committee (PSAC) has been making strides in defining Martian Track & Field. In their efforts to represent a full compliment of athletic contests in running, jumping and throwing, establishing definitive guidelines from the various ad hoc rules from one settlement to the next hasn’t been straight forward.

This week, progress was made with the javelin throw where the group has made a final decision to ban the use of sling devices.

Developed by enthusiasts in KMH, the devices can provide a mechanical advantage to double the throwing distance. To no surprise, the ruling is controversial among those who regard the slings as a Martian innovation.

“We aim to stay true to the traditions from the past to maintain a sense of continuity in our games, “ says Betika Roarkin of the Pathfinder Group, “We think there is enough going on without augmenting these classic sports.”