MAFL Week 9 Roundup

Immortals - Wuji Sports Club

Karka 9 • Amrita Stadium

Parkar attempts to steal the ball with a sliding tackle.

Parkar attempts to steal the ball with a sliding tackle.

Wuji now tied with the Dynamos for first in the season standings as they add a fourth win to their streak of victories.

A solid performance from Wuji despite increasingly aggressive plays from the Immortals as the clock counted down. Immortals forward, Parkar was automatically red-carded for his second foul and ejected from the match midway through first half. His sliding tackle was deemed unsafe play, and Parkar will be suspended for the next match.

The Immortals have not been able to keep up with the scoring chances. etting Lanka up seems to be the Immortal’s primary play, but aside from keeping Lanka on top of the scoring leaderboard, it is failing to win matches.


  • 1ST 3’12 Lanka scores a neat opener

  • 1ST 12’ Repsas (Wuji) heads the ball right past Seaton’s reach

  • 2ND 20’ Lian (Wuji) scores the winning goal


  • 1ST 17’2 Parkar (Immortals) is red-carded and ejected from play for unsafe play.

  • Yellow cards are handed out to Hama, Lanka, Kaafi, and Tagore in the second half.

  • Zeng and and Gallo of Wuji earn yellow cards in the first half, while Liao is booked in the second half for interference.

6 18
48% 52%
6 3

United - Dynamos

Karka 9 • Novyimir Stadium


Amazing long shot by United captain, Fuchs, in second half sends the match into extra time.

United’s match against the Dynamos was an endurance race as neither team scored any goals until the final 10 minutes of regulation time. Fuchs trapped a deflection from Samrend’s free kick in the final minutes of the second half and scored with a long range kick from 63 metres that sailed over the head of Danilovich.

Despite Fuch’s efforts, the Dynamos scored the winning goal 20 minutes into extra time.


  • 2ND 20’ Nikitovna (Dynamos) scores with a clever kick straight into the top corner.

  • 2ND 28’ Fuchs (United) nails his long range kick

  • ET 20’ Petrovich breaks the tie for the Dynamos


8 12
49% 51%
3 3

Comets - Dongji

Karka 10 • Marineris Stadium

dunn prepares to take his freekick against the dongji defenders.

dunn prepares to take his freekick against the dongji defenders.

Comets take command of the field as Dongji is throughly defeated at Marineris.

The Comets win their fourth game in a row as they continue to build momentum. The Comets make it look so easy to score, as both Elliot and Dunn nailed their freekicks with Elliot picking up his parried shot to sink it back into the net.

Dongji is unable to get an effective offensive together as they are plagued by poor passing all match. Ekberg seems to be restraining his temper despite being visibly upset at the team’s performance. Dongji goalkeepr, Xue Su, definitely earned his keep this round as he deflected over 80% of the Comet’s shots on goal.


  • 1ST 12’ Hou (Dongji) opens scoring with a cross from the right-wing.

  • 1ST 14’ Shelton (Comets) catches Dongji by surprise with a long range strike from 48 m out.

  • 1ST 27’ Elliot (Comets) converts his parried freekick shot into a goal.

  • 2ND 5’ Ekberg (Dongji) heads the ball in.

  • 2ND 8’ Dunn (Comets) scores on his direct freekick.

  • 2ND 16’ Liu (Comets) tackles the ball and scores a lucky goal.

  • 2ND 26’ Marsh (Comets) scores into the bottom corner.

32 8
67% 33%
3 4

Al’amal Sports Club - Titans

Karka 10 • Al’amal Stadium


The women of MAFL steal the spotlight in Al’amal’s match against the Titans.

Favoured Titan scorer, Nash, was noticeably absent in the second half of today’s match. Rumours allege that Nash suffered an emotional breakdown during halftime. Detractors are quick to point out his seeming obsession with the leaderboards and claim that the pressure has gotten to him.

Today’s match is Al’amal’s first loss at home, and the Titan’s first win away from home.


  • 1ST 12’ Ware (Titans) delivers a beautiful aerial.

  • 1ST 22’ Farra (Al’amal) breaks through defence for a cross from centre-right.

  • 2ND 18’ Terrell (Titans) pokes a goal into the bottom left.


  • Al’amal is down one defender as Sodhi is still out sitting out his red card.

15 16
31% 69%
6 5

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 9 6 3 24
Wuji Sports Club 9 6 3 23
United 9 6 3 22
Al'Amal Sports Club 9 5 4 18
Comets 9 5 4 29
Titans 9 4 5 18
Dongji 9 2 7 17
Immortals 9 2 7 15
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 9
Darkeem Dennis 8
Qigang Lian 7
Readale Nash 6
Ilya Petrovich 6
Arwa Farra 6
Lennard Fuchs 5
Mariya Nikitovna 5
Jube Terrell 5
Zhou Geng 4