MAFL Week 10 Roundup

Titans - Immortals

Karka 16 • San Olympus Park


Titans terribly short on offensive power as half their roster is benched due to injuries.

The Immortals did not hesitate to take advantage of the Titan’s misfortune, landing 3 of the 10 shots on goal they managed this match. Had Lanka not been forced out near the end of the first half due to a malfunctioning life support pack, the Titans might have been worse off.

Things aren’t looking great for the Titan’s line up as Langanah and Terrell were unable to play due to a flu that has struck the team, Kelly is still recovering from her ACL injury, and Busara is taking care of the knee he sprained last week.

One top of that, Titan’s star player, Readale Nash, has not been seen on the field even in practice since last week’s meltdown. Sources say that Nash is on day-to-day evaluation before he is allowed back on the pitch. Nevertheless, he is expected to be back in play next week.


  • 1ST 6’ Shandu (Titans) scores their first goal of season 2

  • 1ST 12’ Hagendoorn (Immortals) scores with a cross-field smash

  • 1ST 22’ Lanka scores for the Immortals with an assist from Naik

  • 2ND 13’ Fox (Immortals) sends a header into the bottom of the net.


  • Lanka is out at the end of first half due to suspected leak in his life support system.

  • Parkar (Immortals) forced to sit out mid-way through first half after severe cramps in his calves. He is expected to be back in play next match.

6 10
44% 56%
4 3

Dongji - Al’amal

Karka 16 • Dongji Field

ekberg in the dongji team vehicle post game.

ekberg in the dongji team vehicle post game.

Dongji slides to the bottom of the standings, as Baddour scores winning goal for Al’amal in extra time.

Despite a solid start in the middle of the pack, Dongji has since been steadily sinking in the standings as season 2 progresses. As we’re approaching the mid-point of the season, it doesn’t look like things are improving for them. Tempers were short in the team vehicle as Dongji captain, Ekberg, was seen arguing with fellow team members, with Geng stepping in to intervene.

Rumours have started amongst fans that Ekberg may be in danger of having his captaincy revoked due to his recent outbursts. Dongji manager, Rain Chen, has declined to comment on this saying, “We’ll work through this season as a team.”


  • 1ST 16’ Geng (Dongji) scores with an aerial strike following an assist from Saqqat

  • 1ST 19’ A left-footed kick from Faya (Al’amal) narrowly misses the post but scores

  • ET 4’ Baddour (Al’amal) scores a direct free kick


4 8
32% 68%
4 3

Comets - United

Karka 17 • Marineris Stadium


Comets miss the win by one goal in an evenly-matched game against United

Despite their incredible scoring record, 31 goals so far, the Comets still trail behind in the standings at fifth place. While some of the other teams have had trouble converting their shots into goals, this hasn’t been the case for the Comets—who seem to have a hard time converting their goals into wins.

Barnato stole the show with 2 goals in quick succession, proving her prowess on the field and bumping her up on the goal scoring ladder. And unfortunate jump for the ball by Jasienski resulted in a twisted ankle and up taking out fellow teammate Barlas with him. Both had to leave the field immediately due to compromises to their EV suits.


  • 1ST 9’ Benjamin (Comets) bends a left footed kick into the top right corner.

  • 1ST 15’ Barnato (United) charges down center and scores

  • 1ST 26’ Barnato (United) picks up a pass from Rouselle and strikes from outside the box into bottom right.

  • 2ND 12’ Dennis (United) opens up the second half with a header.

  • 2ND 22’ Liu (Comets) scores from centre in a direct free kick

6 6
55% 45%
3 3

Wuji - Dynamos

Karka 17 • Tiangong Stadium

the dynamos celebrate their seventh win of the season.

the dynamos celebrate their seventh win of the season.

Dynamos victorious after a fierce battle with Wuji.

In an extremely fast paced game where command of the field was constantly changing—the Dynamos were able to take the match with a right footed shot from Budnik straight into the bottom right corner. Wuji goalkeeper, Chardin, was subbed in due to malfunctions in Seaton’s EV suit. She made a valiant effort in stopping 4 shots as the Dynamos attacked relentlessly in the last minutes of extra time.


  • 1ST 7’ Petrovich (Dynamo) scores with kick into bottom left corner

  • 1ST 24’ Galio (Wuji) scores third goal of season 2 from the centre box to the top right.

  • 1ST 28’ Zeng (Wuji) converts a long pass from Galio into a goal

  • 2ND 16’ Couto (Dynamo) scores a goal with an assist from Karaaria

  • ET 8’ Budnik (Dynao) scores the winning goal in extra time.

7 12
44% 56%
2 3

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 10 7 3 26
United 10 7 3 25
Wuji Sports Club 10 6 4 25
Al'Amal Sports Club 10 6 4 20
Comets 10 5 5 31
Titans 10 4 6 19
Immortals 10 3 7 18
Dongji 10 2 8 18
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 10
Darkeem Dennis 9
Qigang Lian 7
Readale Nash 6
Ilya Petrovich 6
Arwa Farra 6
Yvonne Barnato 6
Mariya Nikitovna 5
Jube Terrell 5
Zhou Geng 4