MAFL Week 12 Roundup

Immortals - Al’amal Sports Club

Leo 9 • Amrita Stadium

Vaduva is let go after the latest immortal’s game against Al’amal

Vaduva is let go after the latest immortal’s game against Al’amal

Immortals coach is fired after their 11th loss of the season.

It was a solid game for Al’amal, as they controlled both halves of the match to turn plays and attacks to their favor. The Immortals were outclassed on the pitch, and even Lanka was unable to bag any goals—with Al’Pour stopping his attempted cross-kick with cold.

More significantly, the club has been left shaken as coach Cezar Veduva was unceremoniously fired immediately after the game. In the words of club owner, Vijya Pandey, “Someone has to be accountable for this mess.” It is expected that Andam Mirza, Immortals Manager, will cover the role, but he’s in a deep hole and not likely in Pandey’s good goods either.


  • 1ST 10’ Guler arrows the ball into the top left with an assist from Farra.

  • 2ND 16’ Fayad scores with a right-footed smash into the bottom left on her free kick.

  • 2ND 19’ Baddour delivers a beautiful long range shoot that sailed straight past Badal’s reach.

14 21
33% 67%
3 4

Titans - Comets

Leo 9 • San Olympus Park

Barnett leaves the field after an awkward landing leaves them with knee injuries

Barnett leaves the field after an awkward landing leaves them with knee injuries

Titans victorious as Nash makes a great comeback to tie with Lanka at the top!

The match between the Titans and Comets was evenly played as both teams struggled for dominance on the field. Nash tied the game with a penalty kick and won the match with an long range slam in the final minutes of second half.

“This was payback for the finals” Nash said after the match, referring to the injury that caused him to miss the finals in season 1. The Comets lost a midfielder as Barnett was carried off the field for injuring her knee after her goal near the end of the first half. Likewise, Terrell sat out the rest of the match after suffering a minor sprain as she misstepped after her goal. Both are expected to recover fairly quickly.


  • 1ST 12’ Bradley for Comets

  • 1ST 18’ Terrell for Titans

  • 1ST 22’ Barnett for Comets

  • 2ND 11’ Nash for Titans

  • 2ND 27’ Nash for Titans


8 10
57% 43%
3 3

United - Wuji

Leo 10 • Europa Stadium


Wuji fights back hard in the second half but unable to take the match.

Darkeem Dennis of United opened up scoring with a brilliant aerial kick that narrowly missed the top bar. The game was evenly matched with United and Wuji alternating goal scoring. Wuji struck hard in the second half with an equaliser by Wong—but Covaci, was able to snatch a stray ball and score a long range strike. The United midfielder was elated over her first career goal and completely overwhelmed by her teammates as they rushed to celebrate.


  • 1ST 17’ A beautiful aerial shot by Dennis (United)

  • 2ND 13’ Hachette (Wuji)

  • 2ND 18’ Fuchs (United) converts a pass from Dennis into a beautiful

  • 2ND 25’ Wong (Wuji) a right footed kick drills catches Riva off guard.

  • ET 8’ Covaci (United) breaks the tie in extra time to score the winning goal.

23 21
66% 34%
3 4

Dynamo - Dongji

Leo 10 • Novyimir Stadium


Dongji threaten the Dynamos in a close match, but lose the match in extra time.

The Dynamos are in fine shape after the midseason break, but Dongji put up a fight that they did not expect this week. First half, and then second half ticked by with no goals in sight by either team. Tensions were incredibly high on the pitch as the game was battled out completely in extra time.

Geng was booked and given a red card as the whistle blew at the end of the second half for instigating a fight, leaving Dongji to play shorthanded. This was probably what lead to Dongji’s defeat as the Dynamos hammered hard at their defence score the winning goal 105 minutes after the opening whistle.


  • ET 3’ Festen (Dongji) scores with a clever tap after receiving a pass from Cheng

  • ET 8’ Petrovich (Dynamos) counters an attempted rush and turns it around to net a goal

  • ET 15’ Nikitovna kicks a curve ball into the top right corner to score the winning goal

4 2
64% 46%
2 4

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 12 9 3 30
United 12 8 4 30
Al'Amal Sports Club 12 8 4 28
Wuji Sports Club 12 6 6 29
Titans 12 6 6 25
Comets 12 5 7 34
Dongji 12 3 9 22
Immortals 12 3 9 19
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 10
Darkeem Dennis 10
Readale Nash 10
Qigang Lian 8
Arwa Farra 8
Ilya Petrovich 7
Mariya Nikitovna 7
Yvonne Barnato 6
Jube Terrell 6
Lennard Fuchs 6