MAFL Week 13 Roundup

Titans - Europa United

Leo 16 • San Olympus Park


Titans triumph over United with an unexpected come-from-behind victory.

Although they struck first, United was unable to make any gains on the Titans and desperately held onto their one goal lead for over 40 minutes. They were finally defeated by Langanah and Nash—who has finally surpassed Lanka on the scoring charts.

After weeks of rumours, Sulzberger had confirmed earlier in the week that he will be leaving United at the end of the season. While many are certain the United goalkeeper will be headed to Wendland, no official statement has been made by the Wunder organization. United deliberately pulled Sulzberger in favour of Manfredo Riva this match. Riva played impressively, but was unable to stop Nash from smashing the winning goal into the corner.


  • 1ST 12’ Barnato converts a pass from Dennis into a solid net-hitting goal.

  • 2ND 8’ Langanah (Titans) breaks away and scored into the top right.

  • 2ND 20’ Nash scores for Titans with a bending blast that blew past Riva’s guard.

9 8
51% 49%
3 3

Dongji - Wuji Sports Club

Leo 16 • Dongji Field

Mangat breaks through the dongji defense to score the first goal of the match.

Mangat breaks through the dongji defense to score the first goal of the match.

The clash of the Chinese colonies sees Wuji emerge victorious!

There was no love lost on the pitch during this match as the rivals prepared to face off. As soon as the whistle was sounded, both Wuji and Dongji threw themselves into frenetic offensive plays. However, the stars of the show were, without doubt, the Wuji defensive-line. Botrel and Chardin were completely in-sync as they contained the Dongji offense and created the opportunities for some beautiful counterattacks by Mangat and McKay.

Mackay’s goal, in particular, will be replayed for days to come—showing how she boosted off the wall to intercept and score with an insane long-range aerial strike from the centre line.

After this week, Dongji is at the bottom in the standings with slim chances to change the trend.


  • 1ST 13’ Mangat (Wuji) scores on a breakaway from the defensive line—catching Dongji by surprise.

  • 2ND 6’ McKay (Wuji) scores with a long-range counterattack after boosting off the wall.

  • 2ND 15’ Geng (Dongji) takes a penalty kick with killer precision, curling it into the top left corner.

  • 2ND 27’ Repsas scores for Wuji with an assist from Lian.


  • 2ND 12’ Festen (Dongji) leaves the match after pulling a calf muscle.

  • 2ND 18’ Cheng (Wuji) is pulled out after being booked for charging, which resulted in him turning an ankle.

  • 2ND 22’ O’neill’s (Dongji) awkward landing results in an ankle sprain.


18 20
47% 53%
4 3

Al’amal Sports Club - Dynamos

Leo 17 • Al’amal Stadium


Al’amal ecstatic as they shut out the Dynamos for the first time in Season 2.

The bewildered and demoralized Dynamos were unable to get any of their shots on goal past Al’pour in today’s match as their 4-game streak is brought to an end. This victory brings Al’amal into a first place tie with the Dynamos in the standings.

Al’amal clearly got under the Dynamo’s skin as they played poorly and earned two direct red cards from Samrend and Petrovich attempting to instigate a skirmish. Karaaria was also ejected from the game after receiving her second yellow card for unsporting behaviour. In response to fan outcry, Dynamo’s manager, Sergey Ludomir, has released a statement saying, “Although MAFL is a competitive sport, we don’t condone unsportsmanlike or violent behaviour. MAFL celebrates resilience, strength, skill, and innovation—abusive behaviour has no place here.”

Both Samrend and Petrovich have been suspended for one match as a result.


  • 1ST 15’ Guler scores a clean shot high into the net for Al’amal.

  • 2ND 8’ Farra (Al’amal) scores her ninth goal of the season with a neat tap into the net after faking out Danilovich.


  • Samrend and Petrovich are suspended until Week 15 after earning red cards for their abusive behaviour.

25 21
56% 44%
3 5

Comets - Immortals

Leo 17 • Marineris Stadium

The Immortals celebrate after they triumph over the COmets at Marineris Stadium.

The Immortals celebrate after they triumph over the COmets at Marineris Stadium.

A solid win for the Immortals as they pivot after the loss of Coach Vaduva.

The match at Marineris Stadium was tense and margins for error were narrow as both teams gave as good as they got. The Immortals finally gained their fourth win of the season and pulled out of last place with this match—but whether they can keep up the momentum is the question everyone is asking.

Club manager, Andam Mirza, has stepped into the coaching role in the interim. In an attempt to change the club dynamics, he is urging players to avoid passing the ball to Lanka by default, saying, “If you have a shot, take it! Stop feeding Lanka. We’re a MAFL team, not a damn buffet.”

Post game, Comet midfielder, Marysa Waaijer has confirmed that she will be signing on with the Wendland Wunders. Waaijer moved to Tiangong to start her MAFL career as a defender for Wuji. Waaijer is expected to start in a forward position for Wunder starting season 3.


  • 1ST 7’ Hama (Immortals) scores with an assist from Lanka.

  • 1ST 13’ Bradley (Comets) scores with a close-quartered slam into the bottom left corner.

  • 1ST 21’ Liu (Comets) follows up a counterattack with an aerial bicycle kick that catches Badal off guard.

  • 2ND 17’ Talpur (Immortals) scores on a direct free kick into the top right corner

  • 2ND 25’ Donovan (Immortals) takes a diving header and manages to tip the ball into the net.

7 9
50% 50%
4 4

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 13 9 4 30
Al'Amal Sports Club 13 9 4 30
United 13 8 5 31
Wuji Sports Club 13 7 6 32
Titans 12 6 6 27
Comets 13 5 8 36
Immortals 13 4 9 22
Dongji 13 3 10 23
Top Scorers
Readale Nash 11
Uday Lanka 10
Darkeem Dennis 10
Arwa Farra 9
Qigang Lian 8
Ilya Petrovich 7
Mariya Nikitovna 7
Yvonne Barnato 7
Jube Terrell 6
Lennard Fuchs 6