MAFL Week 14 Roundup

Dongji - Immortals

Leo 23 • Dongji Field

Dongji manager, Rain Chen, observes the game from one of the team spectator vehicles

Dongji manager, Rain Chen, observes the game from one of the team spectator vehicles

Immortals triumph again under Mirza’s coaching.

That’s two in a row for the Immortals as they proved last week’s win was not a random fluke! Mirza continues to build up the Immortals one match at a time, and the team is playing on a whole new level with his coaching. While superstar Lanka still leads the attacks, fellow forwards Hagendoorn, Talpur, Fox, and Naik are starting to play off Lanka’s strengths rather than around him.

Meanwhile, Dongji is having a sad repeat of Season 1 as they scrape through the second half after both Fan and Cheng are forced out of the match due to a sprained wrist and suit malfunctions, respectively. Dongji manager, Rain Chen, has taken the issue up with the club owners once again saying, “We desperately need more players.”


  • 1ST 10’ Lanka (Immortals) scores a right-footed smash into the top left corner with an assist from Hagendoorn

  • 2ND 6’ Talpur (Immortals) scores after stealing a rebound away from Geng’s free kick

  • 2ND DaCosta scores the only goal for Dongji on a direct free kick.

5 7
42% 58%
3 3

Europa United - Al’amal Sports Club

Leo 23 • Europa Stadium

One of Sulzberger’s many brilliant saves in the Europa vs Al’amal match.

One of Sulzberger’s many brilliant saves in the Europa vs Al’amal match.

Europa United shuts out Al’amal as they struggle for first place.

United and Al’amal have emerged as clear rivals in season 2 as they traded places amongst the top three slots on the rankings table. In today’s match, however, United has demonstrated a definite dominance on the pitch as they controlled the pace of the game and made Al’amal dance to United’s tune. Sulzberger was in the net today and thanks to his spectacular efforts, not a single goal was scored by Al’amal despite several brilliant strikes from the corner by Fayad and Farra.

“I know not many are happy with my decision to leave, but United is still my team for now and I’m glad they let me play,” said Sulzberger after the match.

Despite the triumphant mood in Europa following the match, things turned sour as over-zealous Europa fans accosted Al’amal supporters in a pub and heckled them with racial remarks. Commander Sebastien has since denounced the incident and issued a formal apology to Al’amal.


  • 1ST 15’ Ivanovna (United) scores with an assist from Barnato

  • 1ST 24’ Fuchs (United) scores with a boost-assisted high aerial slam into the far right of the net


19 20
64% 36%
2 3

Wuji Sports Club - Comets

Leo 24 • Tiangong Stadium


Comets are left dejected after their second loss in a row.

Tiangong’s Wuji Sports Club has been the least predictable club of the season so far—largely performing in the lower-mid portion of the standings, yet often pulling victories out when least expected. Today’s match was tightly contested as each team struggled to gain an edge over the other. In the end, it would be Wuji forward, Ozil Alvi, who instinctively trapped a pass and smashed it into the net with a right-footed laser.

Comet’s fans are despondent following their team’s string of five losses. “Whatever bad luck the Immortals were carrying—I think the Comets have got it now,” said one glum fan,


  • 1ST 21’ Ozil Alvi (Wuji) scores with a right-footed kick into the left corner


  • Samma (Comets) earns a red card and is immediately dismissed after deemed to be charging opponents with excessive force.

25 21
56% 44%
3 5

Titans - Dynamos

Leo 24 • San Olympus Stadium


Titans have clawed back into contention with a 2-way tie for second place.

The Titans fire on all cylinders as they unleash pent-up rage on the hapless Dynamos. With 2 forwards suspended, the Dynamos were playing seriously short-handed offensively. Unable to keep the Titans at bay, the exhausted Dynamos were thoroughly crushed in the second half as a result.

“This was a direct result of our suspensions,” Petrovich and Samrend said, “We take the blame for this loss. The Dynamos are in a precarious position as their second loss in a row has allowed Europa United and Al’amal to become serious threats. Despite the anemic offence, Karaaria stepped up brilliantly and scored two goals for the Dynamos.


  • 1ST 7’ Blundell (Titans) scores with an unexpected rush

  • 1ST 13’ Karaaria (Dynamos) scores from the top corner with an assist from Nikitovna.

  • 1ST 18’ Carballal (Titans) scores on a direct free kick

  • 1ST 24’ Karaaria (Dynamos) scores again after heading the ball

  • 2ND 8’ Cambeiro (Titans) breaks away and scores with an aerial smash

  • 2ND 14’ Terrell (Titans) kicks a powerful curve that catches Danilovich by surprise

  • 2ND 18’ Ware (Titans) scores a header

  • 2ND 25’ Nash (Titans) scores a last minute with a diving kick.

34 13
72% 28%
3 2

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
United 14 9 5 33
Dynamo 14 9 5 30
Al'Amal Sports Club 14 9 5 30
Wuji Sports Club 14 8 6 33
Titans 14 8 6 33
Comets 14 5 9 36
Immortals 14 5 9 24
Dongji 14 3 11 24
Top Scorers
Readale Nash 12
Uday Lanka 11
Darkeem Dennis 10
Arwa Farra 9
Qigang Lian 8
Lennard Fuchs 7
Ilya Petrovich 7
Mariya Nikitovna 7
Yvonne Barnato 7
Jube Terrell 7