MAFL Week 15 Roundup

Immortals - United

Simba 2 • Amrita Stadium


Immortals picks up a third victory at home!

Teams and fans alike are elated after the Immortal’s third victory in a row! The reigning underdogs of the Season 2 have started making a strong and completely unexpected comeback—sparked by the departure of former coach Cezar Veduva.

A close, close call for the Immortals as United forward, Dennis, missed the net by a hair as he took a potentially winning penalty kick in extra time. Aurak finished the match with a stunning penalty kick of her own—the first of the newly recruited midfielder’s career.

Meanwhile, United goalkeeper, Sulzberger was sidelined again in favour of Riva. The team took a hard hit in the second half, as Riva’s performance took a nosedive after halftime. His head was not in the game as he let 2 easy saves slipped past his guard. Disgruntled fans were heard yelling for Sulzberger to be back in the net.


  • 1ST 14’ Dennis opens with a goal for United

  • 1ST 22’ Dennis (United) neatly intercepts and counterattacks to send the ball straight into the top-right.

  • 2ND 6’ Lanka (Immortals) scores with an assist from Hagendoorn.

  • 2ND 18’ Fox scores an equalizer for the Immortals sending play into overtime.

  • ET 4’ Aurak (Immortals) manages to tap the ball in on a breakaway.

19 18
50% 50%
3 3

Comets - Wuji Sports Club

Simba 2 • Marineris Stadium

ferraz scores in the second half with a left-footed dive for the ball.

ferraz scores in the second half with a left-footed dive for the ball.

Comets and Wuji face off again in back-to-back matches

A stars have finally aligned for the Comets as they finally break their losing streak in today’s match against Wuji Sports Club. The match started slow as the first half saw little shots—much of the action was focused in the centre-field as the defensive lines battled it out with the strikers. Around the 70’ mark, the game exploded into action as both teams bolstered their offensive lines with substitutes.

Newcomer Isabelle Marsh scores the first goal of her career with a perfectly executed kick that sent the ball sailing just over the reach of Seaton. This is an important win for the Comets as they look to turn their performance around and redeem themselves.


  • 2ND 8’ Mackay (Wuji) scores with an assist from O’neill

  • 2ND 10’ Ferraz (Comets) scores with a left-footed kick into the right-corner.

  • 2ND 17’ Elliot (Comets) follows up an assist from Marsh with an high aerial that send the ball streaking past Seaton.

  • 2ND 23’ Lian (Wuji) neatly evades the defense to challenge Agre and score with a right-footer smash.

  • 2ND 28’ Marsh (Comets) takes the penalty kick and nails it


20 18
51% 49%
3 3

Dynamos - Al’amal Sports Club

Simba 3 • Novyimir Stadium


Dynamos take a blow as Al’amal edges them out of the top.

The Dynamos had dominated the top of the standings for the first half of MAFL Season 2, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Both teams gave it their all and matched each other shot for shot—requiring the game to be settled in a tie breaker.

Outstanding performances from Al’amal captain, Baddour and Guler. The synergy between the two was incredible as Guler set up the plays and Baddour finished them off. “This in unbelievable!” says Baddour of being at the top of the rankings this season.


  • 1ST 5’ Karaaria scores for Dynamos with an assist from Samrend.

  • 1ST 12’ Baddour scores for Al’amal with a brilliant curve from the outside edge.

  • 1ST 24’ Samrend scores for Dynamos!

  • 2ND 8’ Guler (Al’amal) nails a right-footed smash from the top corner.

  • 2ND 14’ Etefu (Dynamos) breaks through the defense to challenge Pour one-on-one and nails her shot.

  • 2ND 18’ Baddour scores for Al’amal again!

  • 2ND 24’ Stadnyk (Dynamos) counters effectively and scores with a left-footed kick into the top-right.

  • 2ND 27’ Guler scores the equalizer for Al’amal

  • ET 4’ Farra scores for Al’amal to win the match!

22 24
55% 45%
4 2

Titans - Dongji

Simba 3 • San Olympus Stadium


Titan victory overshadowed as tragedy strikes Dongji post-match.

The celebratory mood at San Olympus quickly turned sombre following the match as Dongji midfielder, Hou, was found by teammates in the club vehicle dead by his own hand. At 20 years old, Hou was among the youngest players on the league and the tragedy has given rise to many concerns about the league.

Although colonist tracking and monitoring programs exist, participation in such programs are not mandatory in Huacheng, Tiangong, or Al’amal. Many are wondering if stronger measures need to be enforced to prevent such tragedies from occurring. While there is increasing interest in whether being a native-born Martian has any impact on mental wellness, there are still many questions, and no answers.


  • 1ST 6’ Cheng (Dongji) opens up scoring with a stunning steal and smash into the goal.

  • 1ST 13’ Rubio scores a long-range strike for the Titans with an assist from Avdi

  • 1ST 19’ Nash (Titans) performs a brilliant aerial header to smash the ball past the unprepared Su.

  • 1ST 22’ Carballel (Titans) nails a mid-air pass and taps it into the net

  • 2ND 11’ Ekberg (Dongji) scores with an assist from Cheng

  • 2ND 23’ Carballel scores with a right-footed smash into the top left for Titans

27 13
67% 33%
2 4

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Al'Amal Sports Club 15 10 5 35
United 15 9 6 35
Dynamo 15 9 6 34
Titans 15 9 6 37
Wuji Sports Club 15 8 7 35
Comets 15 6 9 39
Immortals 15 6 9 27
Dongji 15 3 12 26
Top Scorers
Readale Nash 13
Uday Lanka 12
Darkeem Dennis 12
Arwa Farra 9
Qigang Lian 9
Lennard Fuchs 7
Ilya Petrovich 7
Mariya Nikitovna 7
Yvonne Barnato 7
Jube Terrell 7