MAFL Week 16 Roundup

Al’amal Sports Club - Immortals

Simba 9 • Al’amal Stadium

Mirza has been commended for single-handedly turning the Immortals around during Season 2 of MAFL.

Mirza has been commended for single-handedly turning the Immortals around during Season 2 of MAFL.

The Immortals continue their winning streak against Al’amal.

Andam Mirza has had a perfect record since axing Veduva and replacing him as the Immortals coach. Under his guidance, the Immortals have been performing like a completely different team. The match is close, but Al’amal clearly loses their edge after Baddour is handed his second yellow card and ejected from the match during ET.

Lanka took quick advantage of Al’amal’s shorthanded situation and finished the match with a long range aerial strike that streaked past the Al’amal defenses and blew past Pour.


  • 1ST 10’ Muhammad scores with a right-footed kick into the left corner for Al’amal.

  • 1ST 18’ Lanka (Immortals) scores with an assist from Farra

  • 2ND 6’ Tagore (Immortals) sneaks around Al’amal defense, Gonzalez, and fakes out Pour to tap the ball in.

  • 2ND 15’ Farra (Al’amal) intercepts a pass to counterattack from the top right corner.

  • ET 5’ Lanka (Immortals) smashes in the winning goal with a long range aerial.

24 30
53% 47%
4 3

Wuji Sports Club - Titans

Simba 9 • Tian Gong Stadium

The Titans celebrate after their landslide victory against Wuji.

The Titans celebrate after their landslide victory against Wuji.

Titans crush Wuji and climb to the top three.

The Titans celebrate as they end week 16 at the top of the standings. An unbelievable performance from Titans goalkeeper, Icilio DeSisto. His efforts completely shut out the Wuji’s offensive efforts and catapulted the Titans to the top of the standings.

Liang was frustrated on every turn, despite some great set ups from Hachette and Alvi. They were unable to get through De Sisto’s guard. Terrell really shone this week as she filled in the offensive gap in Nash’s absence.

Nash was not seen on the pitch today. Sources have confirmed that Nash had voluntarily decided to sit out this match because of Hou’s death the previous week.


  • 1ST 7’ Terrell (Titans) scores with an assist from Ware.

  • 1ST 18’ Ware (Titans) breaks away for a one-on-one chance with Seaton. Ware scores with a left footed smash into the top right.

  • 2ND 19’ Langanah (Titans) scores a low, quick shot from the right side of the box.

  • 2ND 24’ Terrell (Titans) sneaks in a last minute goal from the left corner of the box.


31 18
55% 45%
3 3

Dynamos - Europa United

Simba 10 • Novyimir Stadium


United wins by a hair as they challenge the Dynamos at home.

Another devastating loss for the Dynamos this week as Ivanova smashes one past Danilovich in extra time.. Dynamos club manager is concerned with the team’s recent performance, and reasonably so, seeing as there are only 5 regular season matches remaining before the we start moving into the finals.

An unusual number of United players had to be pulled off the field due to EV suit malfunctions. United club manager, Reinmann, has requested a comprehensive diagnosis of all the equipment post-match after multiple suits displayed the same error alert.


  • 1ST 5’ Stadnyk (Dynamo) opens up scoring with a shot into the left side of the goal.

  • 1ST 12’ Denis (United) scores after receiving a deep pass from Covaci at midfield.

  • 1ST 21’ Moruga (United) executes a perfectly timed aerial header to score in the final minutes of the first half.

  • 2ND 14’ Petrovich (Dynamos) breaks through the United defense to challenge Riva one on one.

  • ET 6’ Ivanova (United) smashes through Danilovich’s guard in extra time following an assist from Barnato.

28 22
55% 45%
3 2

Dongji - Comets

Simba 10 • Dongji Park


Comets and Dongji both remember their missing team members on the pitch this week.

Both teams paid homage to their fallen team members before the match started at Dongji Park. A minute of silence was observed for Hou, who was found dead of suicide in the team vehicle last week, and for Warren, who passed away last year after an accident on the pitch.

“I think we were the right team to be on the pitch with Dongji this week,” says Comets captain, Bradley, or the match today. Although the mood was sombre, Dongji played their hearts out on the field and an unusually large number of tickets were sold out as visitors attended the match to show their support.

While the Comets were victorious this match, it’s clear they have a lot of work to do if they want to make it to the finals this season.


  • 1ST 12’ Ferraz (Comets) scores with a breakneck smash from the left of the box.

  • 1ST 23’ Marsh (Comets) fishes the ball out of a scramble between Dongji defense and Comet strikers to tap the ball in low and easy.

27 13
67% 33%
2 4

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Titans 16 10 6 41
United 16 10 6 38
Al'Amal Sports Club 16 10 6 37
Dynamo 16 10 6 36
Comets 16 7 9 41
Wuji Sports Club 15 8 7 35
Immortals 16 7 9 30
Dongji 16 3 13 26
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 14
Readale Nash 13
Darkeem Dennis 13
Arwa Farra 10
Qigang Lian 9
Jube Terrell 8
Lennard Fuchs 7
Ilya Petrovich 7
Mariya Nikitovna 7
Yvonne Barnato 7