MAFL Week 17 Roundup

Al’amal Sports Club - Titans

Simha 16 • Al’amal Stadium

Ware celebrates after her amazing performance at Al’amal

Ware celebrates after her amazing performance at Al’amal

“Ware” in the world?! Raenia Ware pulls off a hat trick for the Titans.

Despite being a well-respected captain of the Titans, Ware has always been a mediocre scorer. While her numbers are nothing to sneeze at, Ware is usually setting up the plays for the more flamboyant Nash to execute. However today’s match was another story as she completely steals the show in a relentless attack against Al’amal—claiming the first hat trick of Season 2.

The Titan defenders were able to control the second half perfectly—containing Baddour and Fayad in their attempts to go on the offensive. Nash was absent yet again and was reported to still be in San Olympus. Titan’s coach has assured fans that Nash will return the following week.


  • 1ST 4’ Baddour (Al’amal) scores on a direct freekick.

  • 1ST 16’ Ware (Titans) scores with a cross-kick from the upper left of the box.

  • 2ND 12’ Ware (Titans) scores again with an assist from Terrell

  • 2ND 20’ Ware (Titans) smashes a right-footed curve straight into the top-left corner.


  • 1ST 12’ Al’amal midfielder, Ramin, is out with a minor sprain, but is expected to be back on the field next week.

16 26
42% 58%
4 3

Wuji Sports Club - Titans

Simha 16 • Immortals Stadium


A unbelievably close match as Wuji ends the Immortal’s winning streak.

The two teams traded goals as the first half was a furious burst of brilliant plays. Immortals forward, Hagendoorn, claims one of the quickest goals in MAFL history—scoring from the midfield just 20 seconds into the first half! Boosted by that incredible opener, the Immortals played hard, but was unable to get the upper hand against Wuji.

Minute before the end of first half, Alvi’s goal goes down as one for the books. His earth-shattering kick cracked the protective casing in the EV suit and he had to be whisked off the pitch amidst worried teammates.

Wuji claimed the victory after a dry and drawn-out second half with one of Lian’s precision strikes into the right of the net.


  • 1ST 20’’ Hagendoorn (Immortals) scores a long range kick that sails home from the centre line.

  • 1ST 2’ Wong (Wuji) breaks-away after a counterattack and executes low and easy tap after faking out Badal

  • 1ST 15’ Talpur (Immortals) gives a flying bicycle kick what catches Seaton by surprise.

  • 1ST 26’ Alvi (Wuji) scores an equalizer from the outside corner with a smashing roundhouse of a kick.

  • 2ND 20’ Lian (Wuji) settles the match with a left-footed flick into the right as Badal dives left.


  • 1ST 17’’ Tagore is ejected with a red card after being booked for charging—Wuji midfield, Feimann is out with a mild concussion after the collision

  • Two Immortals injured this match: a minor sprain for Kaafi puts her out for a week, and a slight wrist fracture for Fox means he’ll be out for two weeks.

14 16
51% 49%
4 3

Dongji - Dynamos

Simha 17 • Dongji Park

Cheng lines up to take his penalty kick against Danilovich.

Cheng lines up to take his penalty kick against Danilovich.

Victory didn’t come easy to the Dynamos as Dongji fought tooth and nail.

It was a much-needed win for the Dynamos at Dongji Park on Solis. “It was a bit too close for comfort but we’ll take the win,” says club manager, Sergey Ludomir, of the match results. Dongji played with heart and perseverance as they powered on despite equipment malfunctions forcing them to cycle through the substitutions earlier than planned.

Samrend was injured midway through the second half and his absence left a serious gap in the offense, leaving Karaaria to net the winning goal in the final minutes of extra time. Samrend will be out of play until week 19 as he recovers from a twisted ankle.


  • 1ST 3’ Petrovich (Dynamos) opens up strong with an aggressive slam into the top-right corner

  • 1ST 11’ Samrend (Dynamos) redirects a pass with the outside of his right-foot into the left of the net.

  • 2ND 16’ Ekberg (Dongji) punts a stray pass past Danilovich’s head before he can react.

  • 2ND 24’ Cheng (Dongji) takes a penalty kick and nails it with a deceptive tap into the left while Danilovich dived right.

  • ET 2’ Karaaria (Dynamos) flips the ball over heads with a slow lob into a net that Su could not reach in time.

28 22
55% 45%
3 2

United - Comets

Simha 17 • Europa Stadium


Comets hit hard, but United stands strong and hits smarter.

Pernet is back on the field following full recovery from a fractured arm—and she’s back with a vengeance. The United forward had been out of commission since week 6, but her absence has not dulled her offensive abilities as she pulled off a neat top-side boost to intercept a high pass and counterattack with a straight smash into the goal.

The Comets played hard, but without the finesse that one would expect from last year’s MAFL champions. Their physical intensity turned out more fouls than goals. With their lacklustre performance so far, the Comets are statistically out of the running for this seasons championships.


  • 1ST 7’ Pernet (United) pulls of a downward smash of the ball with her heel following a top-side boost.

  • 1ST 18’ Barnato (United) scores with an assist from Khosla

  • 2ND 3’ Houghton (Comets) receives a beautiful long range lob from Liu to punt it into the top right.

  • 2ND 13’ Khosla (United) scores with an assist from Fuchs

  • 2ND 20’ DeMarco (Comets) redirects a pass with a slide tackle—pushing it into the goal.

28 22
57% 43%
2 6

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Titans 17 11 6 44
United 17 11 6 41
Dynamo 17 10 7 39
Al'Amal Sports Club 17 10 7 38
Wuji Sports Club 17 8 9 38
Comets 17 7 10 43
Immortals 17 7 10 32
Dongji 17 3 14 28
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 14
Readale Nash 13
Darkeem Dennis 13
Arwa Farra 10
Qigang Lian 10
Raenia Ware 8
Jube Terrell 8
Yvonne Barnato 8
Ilya Petrovich 8
Lennard Fuchs 7