MAFL Week 6 Roundup

United - Al'amal

Cancer 16 • Europa Stadium

pernet breaks her arm near the end of the first half.

pernet breaks her arm near the end of the first half.

United victory leaves fans roaring for more as they tie with the Dynamos at the top.

No longer plagued by the missed penalty kicks that hung over him in Season 1, Darkeem Dennis sent the ball straight into the corner to win the game for Europa United. Dennis has contributed steadily to goals in the last games for United—making on of the top three scorers in the current standings.

Pernet is out with a nasty arm fracture. The injury could potentially put the United forward out of play for the rest of the season.

22 29
52% 48%
3 4


  • 2ND 21' Dennis scores the only goal of the game— a penalty kick for United


  • Fayad is given a red card for denying Dennis' shot at the goal.

Dynamos - Titans

Cancer 16 • Novyimir Stadium


Dynamos rally after last week's loss and easily steamroll the Titans at Novyimir Stadium.

Many are questioning the Dynamo's meteoric rise through the standings. Club manager, Ludomir, is crediting the team's success to discipline and working hard throughout the off-season.

Titan's midfielder, Sarah Kelly, is out of play with a sprained ACL. "We're looking at a recovery time of at least three weeks with knee injuries—even with all the medical tech that we have," says Titan's coach Salgado. 


  • 1ST 13' Budnik scores for Dynamos
  • 2ND 8' Stadnyk scores for Dynamos
  • 2ND 14' Samrend scores for Dynamos
  • 2ND 24' Terell scores for Titans


  • Kelly (Comets) is out for at least three weeks with a sprained ACL


  • Etefu (Dynamos) is ejected with 4 minutes left in the game after his second yellow card
17 13
65% 35%
3 3

Comets - Immortals

Cancer 17 • Marineris Stadium

badal dives for the ball, but is unable to reach it due to an alleged equipment malfunction.

badal dives for the ball, but is unable to reach it due to an alleged equipment malfunction.

Immortals are stuck in a rut, gave game away amidst mounting frustration.

Although the teams were evenly matched on the field, the Immortals missed the mark due to sloppy play. Lanka's streak of goals came to an end today. The Comet's winning goal has been hotly contended by Immortal goalkeeper, Chamanda Badal—who claims that she missed the save by a hair because her thrusters did not fire when activated.

So far, no malfunctions in Badal's suit has been reported in post-match equipment inspections.

Fingers are beginning to point as fans blame Cezar Vaduva's coaching for the Immortal's poor performance. Immortal's manager, Andam Mirza backed up Vaduva, but promised change, saying, "Vaduva has innumerable years of experience with football clubs on Earth and we trust him. We're approaching this as a team here. And things are going to change, we're not going to let our fans down."


  • 1ST 17' Elliot scores for Comets
  • 1ST 23' Hagendoorn scores for Immortals
  • 2ND 6' Benjamin scores for Comets


24 23
57% 43%
2 4

Wuji - Dongji

Cancer 17 • Tiangong Stadium


Dongji puts up a good fight, but is unable to ward off Wuji during extra time.

Without Ekberg to lead the team, Dongji fights hard to in an equally pitched battle with Wuji, but is defeated in extra time by a well-aimed header from Beldad. Unable to perform under the pressure, Geng misses his penalty kick, costing Dongji their chance to take the lead and possibly win the match in the second half. 

This win puts Wuji ahead of Dongji on the standings as the rivalry continues between the two teams. Ekberg has taken personal responsibility for the loss and apologized to fans and teammates post game for his display of immaturity that earned him the suspension.


  • 1ST 21' Hachette scores for Wuji
  • 2ND 3' Xie scores for Dongji
  • 2ND 19' Wong scores for Wuji
  • 2ND 22' Geng scores for Dongji
  • ET 7' Beldad scores for Wuji


  • Bortel (Wuji) is red carded at 24' of the second half for handling the ball and denying Geng his shot. 


  • Ekberg is sitting out this week's match due to his red card last week
18 17
53% 47%
5 3

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 6 5 1 19
United 6 5 1 15
Al'Amal Sports Club 6 4 2 13
Titans 6 3 3 13
Wuji Sports Club 6 3 3 14
Dongji 6 2 4 11
Comets 6 2 4 15
Immortals 6 0 6 8
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 7
Readale Nash 6
Darkeem Dennis 6
Ilya Petrovich 5
Yvonne Barnato 4
Zhou Geng 4
Sergey Samrend 3
Husain el Guler 3
Marcus Ekberg 3
Mariya Nikitovna 3