MAFL Week 18 Roundup

Titans - Comets

Simha 23 • San Olympus Stadium


Clash of the giants leaves the Titans victorious.

Tensions are always high when the Titans and Comets face off in the pitch. But things are looking very different from Season 1 for the rival teams. Nash was seen back on the pitch this week after taking time off for his mental health. He was in fine form and sliced through the defense on a breakaway to open up scoring with a smash into the bottom corner.

The Comets held up under the pressure with excellent play and pacing in the first half allowing Bradley and Coronel to score a goal each. A well-timed change in the lineup, however, gave the Titans the opportunity to level the score and overtake the Comets as Langanag delivered a wicked free kick.


  • 1ST 6’ Nash (Titans) breaks-away and scores after a one-on-one opportunity against Agre.

  • 1ST 14’ Bradley (Comets) scores with an assist from Ferraz

  • 1ST 19’ Coronel (Comets) taps in a goal with the outside of his left.

  • 2ND 12’ Ware (Titans) scores with a backheel flick into the top right of the goal.

  • 2ND 20’ Langanah (Titans) scores on a direct free kick.

24 27
55% 45%
5 3

Europa United - Al’amal Sports Club

Simha 23 • Europa Stadium

Gonzalez is immediately ejected from the game for assaulting a referee drone.

Gonzalez is immediately ejected from the game for assaulting a referee drone.

Barnato’s near hat-trick dazzles and keeps United ahead of Al’amal

A reflex save by Al-Pour, kept Barnato’s attack from achieving a hat trick, but didn’t keep United from winning the match. While Al’amal opened up the game with a solid lead after goals from Ramin and Guler. However, the ejection of Fayad midway through the first half, and Gonzalez’s red card early in second quickly turned the tide as United was able to bring in fresh substitutes while Al’amal battled on with their increasingly exhausted team.

Barnato was able to level the score and bring the match into extra time where Fuchs flicked a shot from the left of the box into the goal after a breakaway. Although, not crippled by player ejections, United was beset by equipment malfunctions that have some suggesting sabotage.


  • 1ST 3’ Barnato (United) opens with a solid intercept she converted effortlessly into a shot into the right corner.

  • 1ST 9’ Ramin (Al’amal) scores with an assist from Baddour.

  • 2ND 5’ Guler (Al’amal) brings the ball under control following a boost-assisted leap and scores from up high.

  • 2ND 8’ Khosla (United) carries Barnato’s long-range pass past the box and scores with a powerful right-footed kick.

  • 2ND 17’ Baddour (Al’amal) counterattacks after an indirect freekick to snatch the ball and breakaway for an effortless goal.

  • 2ND 24’ Barnato (United) scores a last minute equaliser to extend the game into extra time

  • ET 4’ Fuchs (United) scores a surprise goal with a desperate bicycle kick that hits true.


  • Fayad ejected from play midway through the first half after her second yellow card.

  • Gonzalez booked with a red card and immediately ejected from the match for kicking a ref-drone.

24 28
41% 59%
3 4

Dongji - Immortals

Simha 24 • Dongji Park


Exciting shoot out match that ends horribly for Dongji.

Dongji is in sad shape following this week’s match as two of their critical forwards are out of the season with major injuries. DaCosta may be out for the rest of the season after a midair collision results in a particularly hard landing. Meanwhile, Saqqat is definitely out of the running with a fractured leg after a miscalculated boost sent her crashing into the corner of the topside.

“This has been a really rough season for us, and with two forwards out—we’ll barely have enough players. We’ll find a way though. We’ll make it through.” says Rain Chen of the Dongji’s state.

Meanwhile, the Immortals have made huge gains in the last 6 weeks, but is it too little too late? The chances are slim as they would need to win the next three matches and bet on the possibility that neither Al’amal or Wuji win theirs.


  • 1ST 3’ Geng opens scoring for Dongji with a right-footed tap past the left of Badal.

  • 1ST 9’ Ekberg (Dongji) follows up Geng’s goal with a burst of speed through midfield, and power shot at the goal from 30 metres out.

  • 1ST 14’ Kata (Immortals) retrieves the ball and scores after Talpur attempts a free kick.

  • 1ST 21’ Dongji defender, Mao, took advantage of a freak opportunity to blitz past a completely unguarded left field to take Badal by surprise.

  • 2ND 8’ Lanka (Immortals)

  • 2ND 13’ Parkar (Immortals)

  • 2ND 15’ Ekberg (Dongji) scores his second goal with another powerful right-footed smash.

  • 2ND 19’ Hagendoorn equalises the match for the Immortals with her clever punt over Su’s head.

  • 2ND 21’ Lanka (Immortals) dribbles past the midfield and scores a long-range goal.

20 28
45% 55%
4 4

Wuji Sports Club - Dyanmos

Simha 24 • Tiangong Stadium

Petrovich celebrates after the Dynamos win the match.

Petrovich celebrates after the Dynamos win the match.

Danilovich shuts down Wuji’s attempt to challenge the Dynamos.

Wuji played offensively and managed to get 21 shots in, but less than half of those were on target. On top of that, Danilovich’s insane reflexes shut down 5 of those 6 shots on goal point blank. The only goal that got past Danilovich’s guard was a neatly executed penalty kick Hachette popped in after a feint to the left.

The Dynamo win is a great relief for Ludomir, but doesn’t quite guarantee the Dynamos a spot in the finals yet.


  • 1ST 12’ Petrovich smashes the ball home after Nikitovna flicks the ball out of the corner to him

  • 2ND 4’ Nijdar scores with a dynamic aerial back kick for the Dynamos.

  • 2ND 18’ Hachette successfully takes the penalty kick for Wuji

  • 2ND 22’ Karaaria (Dynamos) fires a laser into the bottom right corner


  • Wong becomes the most-booked player on Wuji with his 9th foul of the season. Ejected from the match after his second yellow card near the end of the first half.

21 30
43% 57%
4 3

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Titans 18 12 6 47
United 18 12 6 44
Dynamo 18 11 7 42
Al'Amal Sports Club 18 10 8 41
Wuji Sports Club 18 8 10 39
Immortals 18 8 10 37
Comets 18 7 11 45
Dongji 18 3 15 32
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 16
Readale Nash 14
Darkeem Dennis 13
Arwa Farra 10
Qigang Lian 10
Yvonne Barnato 10
Raenia Ware 9
Jube Terrell 8
Ilya Petrovich 8
Lennard Fuchs 8