MAFL Week 19 Roundup

Comets - Immortals

Virgo 3 • Marineris Stadium


Comets are out of the running for the finals as the Immortals steamroll onward.

It looked like Comets manager, Pryce, tried a last-minute change up of the formation in a desperate attempt to boost the Comets into the semifinals. The change-up was ineffective at best, and self-sabotage at its worst, with the Immortals holding off the heavily offensive lineups with relative ease.

A great opening goal by Donovan set the tone for the match as the Immortals played cohesively and controlled the rhythm of the game well. In contrast to the Comet’s crushed hopes, the Immortals now have a possible chance at the playoffs following Al’amal’s loss to Wuji.


  • 1ST 3’ Donovan (Immortals) scores with an assist from Hama

  • 1ST 6’ Talpur (Immortals) utilizes a clever boost to beat Bradley to a stray pass and smash it into the left of the net.

  • 1ST 14’ Obregnon scores on his free kick for the Comets

  • 2ND 6’ Lanka (Immortals) scores his 17th goal of the season with his signature aerial kick.

  • 2ND 18’ DeMarco (Comets) finds an opening down the left and takes the opportunity to breakaway to challenge Badal one-on-one.

  • 2ND 22’ Parkar (Immortals) scores a right-footed goal with an assist from Hagendoorn.

14 18
44% 56%
4 3

Al’mal Sports Club - Wuji Sports Club

Virgo 3 • Al’amal Stadium


Wuji surprises with a shut-out victory over Al’amal.

A long and tedious match was a disappointment for Al’amal as few shots were fired on goal and Al’amal was not able to convert any of those shots into goals. The majority of the action was focused in the midfield as the offensive and defensive lines were at a stalemate. A lucky intercept by Wong in the final minutes of the first half gave him the chance to sprint towards to the Al’amal goal and flick it over Al Pour’s head.

With this win, the heat is for Wuji, Al’mal, and the Immortals as they contend for the final playoff spot.


  • 1ST 20’ Wong flicks in a goal for Wuji after intercepting and blitzing through the Al’mal defense.


  • Wuji forced to substitute more players than they would like in the second half:

  • 2ND 12’ Amer had to be substituted due to severe cramps

  • 2ND 14’ Olegnova suffers a minor sprain and has to sit out the remainder of the game

  • 2ND 21’ O’neill is substituted due to a malfunctioning thrust booster.

8 7
56% 44%
2 3

Dynamos - Titans

Virgo 4 • Novyimir Stadium


The Dynamos are in dire straits despite holding the top position for majority of the season

The Titans roared into Novyimir on the back of an eight-game winning streak to defeat the Dynamos and hold onto their current position at the top of the standings. Aggressive play at today’s match did not help the Dynamos, but resulted in two red cards and midfielder, Budnik, suspended for two matches.

A wonderful performance from the Titans today as Kelly scores her first goal of the season—a tie breaker after nearly 25 minutes of a stalemate. A challenge for the ball by Ware paid off as she successfully flipped an attempted breakaway by Karaaria on its head and drive the ball straight in too quickly for Danilovich to respond effectively.


  • 1ST 6’ Nash (Titans) opens scoring after a blazing pass from Terrell sends the ball high across the pitch.

  • 1ST 12’ Samrend (Dynamos) counterattacks after a Titans free kick to score.

  • 1ST 17’ Petrovich (Dynamos) taps the ball into the right as DeSisto dives to the left

  • 1ST 21’ Blundell (Titans) scores a huge, long range goal from midfield as she redirects an aerial pass.

  • 2ND 12’ Kelly (Titans) smashes the ball in with a right-footed kick

  • 2ND 22’ Ware (Titans) scores the finisher for her ninth goal of the season!


  • Etefu is ejected from the match after being booked with her second yellow card of the match.

  • Budnik is given a red card and suspended for 2 matches after shoving Nash into the wall.

20 28
45% 55%
4 4

Dongji - United

Virgo 4 • Tiangong Stadium


An incredible game for Dongji as they upstage United with unlikely substitutes.

Dongji was left with a difficult choice following last week’s match. With two key forwards injured, would Dongji be able to continue? Would they have enough time to recruit a replacement? Should Dongji even try?

The answer turned out to be within the team as Dongji manager Rain Chen approved two internal club staff for training and competition. The substitutes were Dongji equipment technician, Eddy Lao, and club trainer, Susun Pang. Sporting the number ‘88’ for double-happiness, Pang is one of the oldest players on the pitch at 36 years old. Dongji players have been optimistic about the replacements. “They’ve been part of the club since the very beginning, so we all think this is the right decision,’ says Dongji captain, Ekberg.

In an unusual move, United invited the Dongji team and staff to stay in the colony overnight and spent the night celebrating with their opponents. “Losing is always disappointing, but we’re league-mates. And Dongji has perserveredd through the worst of times. They deserve our recognition and respect, so we’re celebrating together tonight,” said Reinmann of the team’s decision.


  • 1ST 9’ Lao (Dongji) scores his first ever goal, in his first MAFL match! A long pass from Cheng finds Lao by the left corner of the box, who was able to send it into the net with a quick left-footed snap.

  • 1ST 14’ Ekberg (Dongji) flicks the call with his outside right, for a smooth goal that narrowly clears the left post.

  • 1ST 22’ Khosla (United) slams a goal in right under a suprised Su’s guard.

  • 2ND 3’ Khosla (United) scores her second goal to open up the second half.

  • 2ND 11’ Zao (Dongji) scores on a penalty kick.

  • 2ND 19’ Barnato (United) intercepts a pass and scores with a bicycle kick.

  • ET 6’ Pang (Dongji) scores with an assist from Ekberg.

23 28
48% 52%
2 3

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Titans 19 13 6 51
United 19 12 7 47
Dynamo 19 11 8 44
Al'Amal Sports Club 19 10 9 41
Wuji Sports Club 19 9 10 41
Immortals 19 9 10 40
Comets 19 7 12 47
Dongji 19 4 15 36
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 17
Readale Nash 15
Darkeem Dennis 13
Yvonne Barnato 11
Arwa Farra 10
Qigang Lian 10
Ilya Petrovich 10
Raenia Ware 9
Marcus Ekberg 9
Musaadiq Baddour 8