Immortals challenge Al’amal in lead-up to finals.

A fierce battle between Al’amal Sports Club and the Immortals have dominated the weeks leading up to the Season 2 MAFL Championship Finals. The Immortals have somehow climbed their way up the standings to challenge Al’amal for a spot in the finals.

The Immortals have come a long way since the beginning of the season and reached a critical turning point just after the midpoint of the season. With the replacement of ex-coach, Cezar Veduva, with club manager Andam Mirza, the Immortals finally ended their humiliating streak of losses and starting climbing the ranks.

Meanwhile, Al’amal Sports Club has played a solid season so far. Free from the team drama and lacklustre performances that plagued some of the other teams, Al’amal had stayed in the top three of the rankings quite consistently.

Uday Lanka, captain of the Immortals and Al’amal captain, Musaddiq Baddour.

Uday Lanka, captain of the Immortals and Al’amal captain, Musaddiq Baddour.

We take a look at the team breakdowns today, as all eyes are on the two teams to see who will make it to the finals.


Defense has been one of Al’amal’s strong suits this season. A consistent and effective defensive line saw Al’amal rarely losing by more than 1 goal in the majority of their matches. On the contrary, the Immortals have had to make huge efforts for their defensive game to be viable.


Both teams have strong scoring outputs. While the Immortals have a offensive powerhouse in Lanka, the Al’amal balances the scales with the formidable combination of Farra, Baddour, and Guler.


While the Immortals have certainly flipped the tables on everyone, our bets are still on Al’amal to be in the finals. They have the consistency and team-dynamics that will carry them through.