MAFL Week 20 Roundup

Immortals - Dynamos

Virgo 10 • Amrita Stadium


Hagendoorn scores in extra time to break tie and win match for Immortals

The Immortals can’t believe their luck as they find themselves tied neck and neck with Al’amal for the fourth spot in the finals after today’s win. The Immortals had great control of the midfield during the match, creating lots of plays that started deep in centre to set up Lanka and Parkar for success.

The Dynamos were also in excellent form today, and maintained a 2-2 tie for the majority of the second half. However, an unexpected header by Hagendoorn in extra time flew by Danilovich too quickly for him to react and cinched the win for the Immortals.


  • 1ST 4’ Parkar (Immortals) snaps a goal following a deep pass from Hama in midfield.

  • 1ST 11’ Petrovich (Dynamos) curves a left-footed shot into the far right of the goal.

  • 1ST 21’ Nikitovna (Dynamos) scores on a free kick with a tap into the left.

  • 2ND 5’ Lanka (Immortals) breaks away and taps the ball into the net low and easy to equalise the score.

  • ET 7’ Hagendoorn (Immortals) leaps and scores the winning goal with a spectacular header.

18 24
47% 53%
3 3

Comets - Al’amal Sports Club

Virgo 10 • Marineris Stadium


Comet defender, Bagdal, suffers head injury—not expected to return for remainder of season.

In a horrifying flashback of what happened a year ago, Brigit Bagdal was carried off the pitch in the second half with a head injury. A midair collision with Fayad caused the Comet to crash into the walls of the pitch. The helmet was not compromised, but the impact caused Bagdal a severe concussion. Medical staff have quickly assured the public that while the injury is serious, Bagdal is expected to make a full recovery with enough time.

The Comets had spent a moment in silence before the start of the match to mark a year since the passing of their teammate, Warren. “It’s hard to think that it’s been a year, and to have such a close call with Brigit—it really forces you to put things into perspective.” says Comets captain, Liddell Bradley.

Despite their win, the finals are out of the picture for the Comets. Al’amal is currently sitting tied with the Immortals—as the two teams contend for the fourth spot in the finals.


  • 1ST 6’ Liu (Comets) dodges through Al’amal to score a hard right-footed kick into the far left of the net.

  • 1ST 13’ Guler (Al’amal) scores with an assist from Farra.

  • 1ST 20’ Ferraz (Comets) scores on a direct free kick following a foul on Liu.

  • 2ND 8’ Rahar (Al’amal) finds a pass from Fayad and makes a power shot that sails across the pitch, rebounds off the right post and hits the back of the net.

  • 2ND 13’ Farra (Al’amal) scores into the bottom right after Agre makes a rare fumble.

  • 2ND 22’ Marsh (Comets) dribbles the ball through the Al’amal defence to challenge Pour and score and equaliser high into the right.

  • ET 2’ Shelton (Comets) follows through an excellent setup by Barnet and Ferraz to score at a low-flying kick past Pour.


  • Al’amal captain, Baddour, is given a red card for rushing Obregnon and causing possible compromises to his suit in the subsequent collision. Suspended for 1 match.

12 9
46% 54%
3 4

Titans - United

Virgo 11 • San Olympus Park


Titans are stopped cold by The Sulz, United takes the victory.

Although the Titan offensive play was well-coordinated, Ware and Nash effort’s were completely shut down by Sulzberger, the impenetrable “Fortress of Europa”. Both teams had taken almost the same number of shots by the end of the match, but Sulzberger’s quick reflexes and creative saves were what made the difference. Sulzberger’s smart use of the thrust boosters today propelled him backwards into the net to catch a hard and fast shot by Nash.

This win puts United in the clear for the finals. However, Reinmann has become increasingly vocal about the frequency of United’s equipment malfunctions, despite most of the equipment being manufactured by Feldspar Inc. “Something is definitely fishy about this–I haven’t seen any of the other clubs deal with this many malfunctions,” Reinmann was recorded saying after the match.


  • 1ST 19’ Dennis (United) scores with a right-footed flick into the left.

  • 2ND 12’ Khosla (United) scores on an indirect free kick following a pass from Terrell.


  • 1ST 16’ Barlas is pulled out of the match due to an EV suit malfunction.

  • 2ND 9’ Dennis is pulled out due to a malfunctioning coms unit in his suit.

18 19
48% 52%
3 3

Wuji - Dongji

Virgo 11 • Tiangong Stadium


Dongji is victorious with a goal by Ekberg in extra time!

Both teams played hard on the pitch, depsite a malfunction in the life support system in Su’s suit during a critical point in the match Dongji persevered through with defender, Chang, as a substitute goalkeeper. Wuji started out strong and Dongji responded in kind as the teams traded shot for shot, and goal for goal.

An equaliser by former-trainer-turned-forward, Pang, resulted in a 2-2 tie that stretched out for the majority of the second half. The winning goal was finally scored by Ekberg 12 minutes into extra time as an increasingly exhausted Wuji made critical errors in their defensive strategy.


  • 1ST 3’ Lian (Wuji) scores with an assist from Wong.

  • 1ST 8’ Cheng (Dongji) takes the penalty kick and scores with a perfectly curved shot into the top left.

  • 1ST 19’ Wong (Wuji) takes a shot from the left corner of the penalty box and kicks high to score just out of Su’s reach

  • 2ND 8’ Pang (Dongji) scores the second goal of her impromptu MAFL career to tie the game 2-2

  • ET 12’ Ekberg scores the winning goal for Dongji!

23 28
48% 52%
2 3

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Titans 20 13 7 51
United 20 13 7 49
Dynamo 20 11 9 46
Al'Amal Sports Club 20 10 10 44
Immortals 20 10 10 44
Wuji Sports Club 20 9 11 42
Comets 20 8 12 51
Dongji 20 5 15 39
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 18
Readale Nash 15
Darkeem Dennis 14
Yvonne Barnato 11
Arwa Farra 11
Qigang Lian 11
Ilya Petrovich 11
Raenia Ware 9
Marcus Ekberg 9
Musaadiq Baddour 8