MAFL Week 5 Roundup

Comets - Dynamo

Cancer 9 • Marineris Stadium

despite liu's brilliant aerial Maneuvers and goal, the dynamos easily ran circles around the comets in today's match

despite liu's brilliant aerial Maneuvers and goal, the dynamos easily ran circles around the comets in today's match

Dynamos dynamite as they school the Season 1 champions!

The Comets are left licking their wounds yet again as the Dynamos ran circles around them to take an early lead in the match. Though the Comets were able to net two goals in the second half—including an amazing aerial kick that spun the ball right past Dynamos Danilovich—they were unable to keep up the momentum in the second half..

"We've had a hard time getting the team to click this season," says Comet's captain Liddell Bradley, "We had a huge shuffle in positions, and I think everyone is still trying to figure out their spot."

Comet's manager Gordan Pryce is increasingly taking more heat as the team's performance so far has many shaking their heads and asking questions. Loyal fans however, are quick to recall that the Comets also took a while to build up the momentum that ultimately lead to their win in Season 1.

22 29
45% 55%
4 3


  • 1ST 17' Nikitovna scores for Dynamos
  • 2ND 12' Liu scores for Comets
  • 2ND 14' Petrovich scores for Dynamos 
  • 2ND 16' Samrend scores for Dynamos
  • 2ND 20' Marsh scores for Comets
  • 2ND 26' Petrovich scores for Dynamos


  • 1ST 28' Ramirez (Comets) subbed out due to injury
  • 2ND 3' Karaaria (Dynamos) out due to suit malfunction
  • 2ND 14' Kyrlyuk (Dynamos) out with a sprained wrist

Dongji - Europa United

Cancer 9 • Dongji Field

attitude from the dongji captain resulted in a red cards and suspension for 2 matches

attitude from the dongji captain resulted in a red cards and suspension for 2 matches

Dongji is thoroughly gutted by Europa United in their encounter at Dongji Field. 

Ekberg and the Dongji forwards are shut down in all their offensive plays as United inexorably took total control of the field. Dongji goalkeep, Xue Su was left to deal with a increasingly leaky defence as the Dongji team started to lose their rhythm.

The field was not pretty today as Dongji players expressed their frustration, earning themselves 5 bookings—two of which resulted in ejections from the match. Zheng is ejected from today's match after his second yellow card while Dongji captain Ekberg is suspended for 2 matches for unsportsmanlike conduct after repeatedly directing offensive gestures at officials and United players. 

United extend their winning streak to 3, sharing top spot in the league with Dynamo and Al'amal.


9 37
27% 73%
5 2
  • 1ST 4' Dennis scores for United
  • 1ST 18' Fuchs scores for United 
  • 2ND 7' Barnato scores for United
  • 2ND 15' Khosla scores for United
  • 2ND 22' Dennis scores a penalty kick for United


  • Zheng is ejected from the game after his second yellow card, leaving Dongji a player short in the last 10 minutes.
  • Ekberg suspended after unsportsmanlike conduct.

Titans - Immortals

Cancer 10 • San Olympus Park


The One-Man-Lanka show continues as the Immortals' losing streak becomes legendary. 

Seemingly the butt of every MAFL joke across the colonies, the Immortals have got to step up their team game or Lanka will have to score more. Ware scores the first goal of the match as she nails a free kick—a good sign for the Titans forward as her detractors were getting loud.

Nash and Lanka went head-to-head today as Nash chases Lanka for the title of top scorer. Carballel is out with a twisted ankle after scrambling for the ball and ending up tumbling into Kaafi. Naik is ejected for the rest of the match after her second yellow card.


  • 1ST 19' Ware scores for Titans on a freekick
  • 1ST 27' Lanka scores for Immortals
  • 2ND 6' Nash scores for Titans


  • 1ST 19' Carballel replaced by Girma due to injury
  • 2ND 15' Fox is out due to suit malfunctions


  • Naik ejected in second half after being awarded two yellow cards
27 22
61% 39%
3 5

Al'amal Sports Club - Wuji

Cancer 10 • Al'amal Stadium


Al'amal keeps the momentum going with another win at home.

Al'amal hit hard and fast today as they built up a large lead of 3 goals early in the game. Wuji mounted a comeback in the second half but it was unfortunately too late to make a difference. Farra proves she can perform under pressure as she calmly scores on a penalty kick in the first half. 

A late game scramble to find a sub for Al'amal goalkeeper (Pour) put defender Naaila Amer in the net for the first time. Wuji capitalizes on the changeup to score two goals. After an inspection and testing, officials determined the alert had been a false warning—much to the dismay of Pour.


  • 1ST 13' Farra scores a penalty for Al'amal
  • 1ST 23' Sodhi scores for Al'amal
  • 2ND 11' Baddour scores for Al'amal
  • 2ND 21' Repsas scores for Wuji
  • 2ND 27' Lian scores for Wuji


  • 2ND 20' Goalkeeper Pour subbed with Naaila Amer due to "equipment malfunction".
17 19
52% 48%
3 3

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
Dynamo 5 4 1 16
United 5 4 1 14
Al'Amal Sports Club 5 4 1 13
Titans 5 3 2 12
Wuji Sports Club 5 2 3 11
Dongji 5 2 3 9
Comets 5 1 4 13
Immortals 5 0 5 7
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 7
Readale Nash 6
Ilya Petrovich 5
Darkeem Dennis 5
Yvonne Barnato 4
Marcus Ekberg 4
Sergey Samrend 3
Zhou Geng 3
Husain el Guler 3
Mariya Nikitovna 3