MAFL Week 8 Roundup

Wuji Sports Club - Al'amal

Karka 2 • Tiangong Stadium

baddour scores with a brilliant header—but it’s not enough for al’amal to gain a victory.

baddour scores with a brilliant header—but it’s not enough for al’amal to gain a victory.

Wuji is jubilant as they move up the ranks to tie with Al'amal and Dynamos.  

Al’amal is a mess after this game as THREE of their key players were benched in the second half—with Sodhi suspended for the following match. With Guler out of play with a sprained ankle and Baddour and Fayad ejected from the match for their fouls, Al’amal’s offensive abilities were seriously crippled as the game spilled into extra time.


  • 1ST 15' Lian scores a penalty kick for Wuji

  • 2ND 4' Baddour scores with a header for Al’amal

  • ET 6’ Farra proves herself once again with a goal for Al’amal in extra time

  • ET 11’ Wong scores for Wuji

  • ET 15’ Gallo scores for Wuji


  • Baddour and Fayad were both benched after earning their second yellow cards in the second half.

  • Sodhi red carded and suspended for the following match for intentionally striking another player’s helmet.

  • Wuji plays with one man short after Alvi is ejected from the game for his second yellow card.

21 12
61% 39%
3 5

Titans - United

Karka 3 • San Olympus Stadium


Titans put a a fight, but succumb in extra time to United's superior attacks

Twenty minutes into extra time, Dennis scores the winning goal with a cross-field strike that flies past just out of De Sisto’s reach. Dennis has definitely proven his worth to United since he was traded over by Huacheng last season. With 8 goals under his belt so far, the 28 year old forward has overtaken Nash and is nipping at the heels of Lanka.

With this victory, Europa United moves to the top of the club standings.


  • 1ST 6' Ware for Titans

  • 1ST 19' Langanah for Titans

  • 1ST 24' Khosla for United

  • 2ND 15' Robinson for United

  • ET 6' Ivanova for United

  • ET 12' Terrel for Titans

  • ET 20' Dennis for Titans


16 24
44% 56%
3 36td>

Dynamo - Comets

Karka 4 • Novyimir Stadium

comets celebrate their latest victory as they slowly but surely move up the rankings.

comets celebrate their latest victory as they slowly but surely move up the rankings.

Comets continue to build steam as they best the Dynamo's at Novyimir Stadium.

The Dynamos were obliterated by the Comets in their first back-to-back loss of the season 2. Meanwhile, Comets fans who have been patiently waiting for their team to turn around are ecstatic. Bradley and Elliot both scored their third goal of the season during this game. Dunn is shining so far despite this being his first season his clever footwork has become his signature as he easily evaded Dynamo’s defense before scoring.


  • 1ST 8'  Shelton scores for Comets

  • 1ST 14’ Budnik scores for Dynamos

  • 2ND 7’ Dun scores for Comets

  • 2ND 18’ Bradley scores for Comets on a penalty kick

  • 2ND 23’ Elliot scores for Comets

10 18
37% 63%
2 4

Dongji - Immortals

Karka 4 • Dongji Field


Dongji join the Immortals at the bottom of the pack as Immortals gain another victory.

It’s taken a long time for the Immortals to get going, but they are starting to look more like the team they were last season. Donovan lead the attack today with a long range strike from centre.

Disappointed fans blamed Ekberg’s absence for Dongji’s loss in momentum. However, Ekberg’s return to the field at today’s game did not inspire an spectacular gameplay—with Fan scoring the only goal for Dongji. As Tiangong’s Wuji Sports Club continues to climb the ranks, fans are also blaming Lian for abandoning the team.


  • 1ST 7 ‘ Donovan for Immortals

  • 1ST 16’ Fan scores on a direct free kick for Dongji

  • 2ND 10’ Lanka scores for Immortals

  • 2ND 16’ Aurak scores for Immortals

15 16
31% 69%
6 5

Stats & Standings


Team M W L Goals
United 8 6 2 21
Dynamo 8 5 3 22
Al'Amal Sports Club 8 5 3 17
Wuji Sports Club 8 5 3 21
Comets 8 4 4 24
Titans 8 3 5 16
Dongji 8 2 6 15
Immortals 8 2 6 14
Top Scorers
Uday Lanka 9
Darkeem Dennis 8
Readale Nash 6
Qigang Lian 6
Ilya Petrovich 5
Arwa Farra 5
Sergey Samrend 4
Yvonne Barnato 4
Zhou Geng 4
Lennard Fuchs 4