Readale Nash

Readale Nash is a professional athlete who plays with the San Olympus Titans in the Martian Aero Football League.


Date of birth: 2060

Place of birth: Mars, San Olympus

Occupation: professional aero football forward in the Martian Aero Football League, playing for San Olympus Titans.

Height: 6’11” (2.1m)

Career in Sports

At 17 years old, Nash was the youngest player during the inaugural MAFL season.  He was discovered  by Titan scouts prior to club tryouts in 2075, however because of his age, the club was barred from recruiting him until turning 16 and completing his academic program. 

Readale demonstrated athletic aptitude in various school fitness routines, but excelled at Hoopz. a game originally developed at Marineris with derivatives played in San Olympus, Columbia Hills, and several other Western colonies.  

Readale joined the club in the final 8 months of pre-season 1 training, but quickly picked up the rules and was a natural in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Nash wears #8.

He was the top scorer in Season 1 for the San Olympus Titans, however, missed multiple games at end of season, including playoff rounds, due to injury.


Nash is often associated with the 'Drift Generation', a subset of the 1st generation of Martian-born who display greater tendencies of restlessness and resentment to colony life.  Nash allegedly sought emancipation from his parent in 2075 and resisted completing his academics.  This, however, delayed his joining of the Titans rather than expediting it.  He has allegedly claimed desired to leave San Olympus and Mars, the later being extremely difficult as he has no status on Earth.

During season 1, he has numerous occasions where his attitude and public behaviour has required the club to intervene. 

Like most Martian-born, Nash was conceived under a fertility assist program, including the requisite genetic editing of his birth period.

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